EZ Pass NJ – Your Guide To E-ZPass NJ Login, Account Creation

EZ Pass NJ is an electronic toll collection technology which is being used by millions of vehicle owners and drivers across the country. It will make your travelling more comfortable, convenient, pleasant with easy toll payments.

E-Zpass is being used everywhere in the entire united states. Having this facility, you can easily avoid traffic conjunctions on highways. It will also help you make the toll payments hassle-free.

Actually, the conventional toll payment methods requires your time and effort in depositing the coins, cash and tickets at toll gates. But NJ EZ Pass is something which can help you avoid auto emissions, heavy fuel consumption, etc.

Why It’s Important To Have NJ EZ Pass?

It is not a mandatory thing but it something which is really useful for people who use their vehicles on a regular basis. You may ignore getting the e-zpass in nj if you are an occasional driver but it will be super helpful in emergency situations.

ezpass nj login portal

Having an EZ Pass installed on your vehicle, you don’t need to deal with the cash and coins. Everything will be electronic including the billing system.

The vehicle plate number, contact number of the owner associated with that particular vehicle will be integrated wit your e-zpass. Whenever you reach to any to any toll gate on your way to home or office, the scanners at toll gates will scan the nj ez pass present on your vehicle.

Suitable toll charges will be auto debited from your pass and sends you the bill electronically. This way, you can save a lot of your valuable time.

Not only time, it has a lot of other benefits as well. Take time to read the below section to understand the importance of e-zpass nj.

The Benefits Of NJ EZ Pass in 2021

  • Greatest Discounts – You will get a chance to enjoy the greatest discounts from e-zpass network. All the discounts will be auto applied to your pass which require no paper work at all. Sometimes, you will get additional perks along with the discounts on toll payment.
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion – This is something that you really have to look into. The increase in traffic results in a lot of disadvantages such as accidents and other issues on highways.
  • Reduce Toll Plaza Delays – I guess you already have an idea about the waiting time at toll plazas. These delays will drink your fuel like water and you may not be able to reach your destination on time.
  • Reduce Auto Emissions – Since you don’t have to wait at the toll plazas, you can automatically reduce the emissions. It will help the nature and as a result, we will get health atmosphere.

E-ZPass is acceptable in most of the states in the entire united states of america. This is one of the biggest advantages because there are other services such as ExpressToll, EZTag, etc., they are not accepted in new jersey.

Type Of EZ Pass NJ Accounts [Differences]

Account TypeIndividualBusiness
No Of Tags Per Account6 Tags OnlyUnlimited Tags
No Of Transponders8 Only8+
For WhomOwn Cars, Leased Cars, Pickup Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles, SUVs, RVsVehicles with more than 2 Axels, Vehicles with more than 7000 lbs as maximum gross weight

What Is EZ Tag NJ?

EZ Tag is completely different from the EZ Pass NJ. Few states won’t allow e-zpass at the toll gates and you can use EZ Tag in such cases for the toll payments.

You will get 6 EZ Tags with individual account plan and they are unlimited if you belong to Business account type.

How To Signup for EZ Pass NJ? [Individual & Business Account]

EZ Pass facility can be utilized by individuals and businesses as well. We have presented the steps that will help your throughout the signup process.

  • Go to the following website; www.ezpassnj.com on your phone or personal computer. It is recommended to use google chrome or microsoft edge browser for better on-page experience.
  • Hit “Signup for ez pass nj” option to start the registration procedure.
  • Now you will be able to see the available account types namely, Individuals and Businesses.
  • Pick any of them based what are you and your requirement with the ez pass. It is recommended to go with the individual account if you are not from any travel company or something like that.
  • Agree the Terms and Conditions of E-ZPass New Jersey Individual/Business by ticking the small check box that you see on the screen.
  • Hit “Enroll Online” button to submit the account type that you have chosen.
  • The actual registration process will be started in next few seconds.
  • As part of the registration process, some questions will be asked on the screen. It is highly recommended to answer each of them.
  • Don’t worry, everything you see on screen is related to your vehicle or business and stuff that belongs to your license, vehicle registration info and mailing address, etc.

The www.ezpassnj.com will now display the confirmation of your registration once everything went well. It is to inform you that you will be receiving the ezpass and setup instructions to your mailing address within 3 to 7 days.

If you don’t receive the pass within that time frame, you can go to any nearest nj ez pass office. Show the registration details to the officers and receive the ez pass. You will have the installation instructions in that envelope.

EZ Pass NJ Login Instructions – Updated [May 2021]

If you already have an E-Zpass account, you can follow the instructions shared below. Otherwise you will have to setup an account first. Okay, let’s go through the steps for ez pass nj login.

  • Visit the official website of e-zpass new jersey (www.ezpassnj.com) on any of your devices.
  • You can use your smartphone or pc to access the official website mentioned above.

ez pass nj login

  • Go to Log In option which is available at the top right corner of the browser screen.
  • Enter the Username and password and don’t forget to type in the security message in it’s field.
  • Hit “Log In” button to log into the ezpass nj portal page successfully.

Once you are inside the portal, you can manage the toll payments and billing methods, etc.

How To Reset EZ Pass Forgot Username & Password?

If you are unable to login to the portal, either username or password is not correct. Don’t worry, you can recover both username and password by following the instructions shared below.

nj ezpass forgot username, password

  • Enter the username (if you remember) or you can put the account number.
  • Type the ZIP Code of your mailing address.
  • Hit “Submit” to get into the actual process.
  • Now you will see some basic instructions on the screen.
  • Follow the tips that you see on screen to recover either username or password of the portal.

Download E-ZPass NJ Commercial & Individiual Application PDF File

We have shared the pdf file of nj ez-pass commercial application for your convenience. You can download it from below link.

   Individual Application Form


   Business Application Form

Take a print out of the pdf file and fill all required details asked in the application form. You can send that document to the office address by mail or in person.

Download E-ZPass NJ App for Android, iOS Devices

1. For Android Devices

  • Open Google Play Store on your android phone and search “NJ E-ZPass App”.
  • Or you can download the app from this link directly.
  • Hit “Install” option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Nj Ezpass login on android

  • Hit “Open” button to install the app on your phone.

2. For iOS Devices

  • Open Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Search for the app with it’s name.
  • Or Scan the QR Code shared below to download the app on your iOS Device.

njezpass login scranner for ios

  • Scanning that QR Code will take you to the app store.
  • Install the app from there on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Benefits Of Using Mobile App

  • Make hassle free payments
  • Supports digital wallets – Google Pay & Apple Pay
  • Easily manage transponders
  • Report lost nj ez tag
  • Report stolen nj ez tag
  • Add Vehicle by scanning the Number Plate
  • Easy to update contact information and mailing address
  • Check account balance in you wallet with just a single click

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EZ Pass NJ Contact Details

Following are the contact details you may be looking for.

Toll Free Contact Numbers:

  • Customer Care Phone Number – 1-888-288-6886
  • Telecommunications Device for The Deaf – 1-866-205-4000

Walk-In Center Locations:

  • Newark Walk-In Center
    • 375 McCarter Highway
    • Newark, NJ

Working Hours: Mon – Friday : 7.00 am to 7.00 pm & Saturday : 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

  • Camden Walk-In Center
    • 420N, 6th Street
    • Camden, NJ

Working Hours: Mon – Friday : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

  • Delaware Memorial Bridge Plaza
    • I-295, New Castle Avenue
    • New Castle, DE

Working Hours: Mon – Friday : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Do I Get EZ Pass In NJ?

Go to the official web portal with the url www.ezpassnj.com and apply for a new account. Otherwise, you can make a phone call to the customer helpline number shared in this article.

2. How E-ZPass NJ Toll Payments Work?

It is an electronic toll collecting system using which individuals and businesses can pay their toll ticket. The antennas or Scanners will scan the Pass attached to your vehicle to deduct the reasonable charges.

3. How Can I Check NJ EZ Pass Balance?

If you want to know the available balance on your nj easy pass, make a call to 888-288-6865. You must call that number from the registered number only. Otherwise you can check the balance on NJ EZ-Pass App.

4. How Much EZ Pass Costs In New Jersey?

The annual charges are $18 and $1 is the monthly service fees. By-monthly statements will be charging you extra $1.

5. Can I Go To Other States From NJ Without Paying Toll Payments?

No, you cannot go out of new jersey without paying the toll payments at any cost. If you try to escape, you may have to face a lot of problems once caught.

6. Can I Go Through Toll Lanes Without EZPass Transponder?

It was not possible until today but you can now go go through any toll where ezpass is available for toll payments.

7. Can I Use My EZ Pass On Someone Else’s Vehicle In New Jersey?

Yes, it is allowed only if both the vehicles belong to the same category. But it is not at all possible if the vehicle category don’t match with one another.

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Wrapping Up

EZ Pass NJ is the most convenient and prominent way to pay your toll taxes in United States Of America. It is a top rated toll payment service which is accepting payments all over US. We have presented everything about NJ EZ Pass starting from account creation to answering FAQs and everything in between.

If there is something that you can’t find on this page, mention that in the comments below. We feel more than happy to help your round the clock.

MyTXcar Login – Www.MyTXcar.Org – Vehicle Inspection History [Guide]

TCEQ stands for Texas Commission On Environmental Quality where people can check vehicle inspection history. Buying a second hand vehicle is affordable and easy process but you won’t be able to go through the past history of that particular vehicle on your own.

We generally see the vehicle and go for a test drive and understand whether to purchase the second vehicle or look for another one. But should not be the actual process because it may get you a lot of trouble in future.

On MyTXCar Login Portal, you will be able to retrieve past history of all the vehicles out there in it’s registry. You will get everything from the list of past owners, vehicle registration details, the surcharge history, etc. Don’t forget to check out the guide that we have written on how to pay surcharges on www.njsurcharge.com.

Moreover, it is mandatory for every vehicle in Texas to go through vehicle inspection process. If the owner of the vehicle don’t take it to the text, it will be a tough time for him the time of vehicle registration renewal process.

What Is MyTXCar Portal?

MyTXCar is a web portal officially launched by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. People with valid PIN can get the details of the vehicle from it’s initial purchase date to today.

www.mytxcar.org official portal

All the people living in Texas can get information about any vehicle from the official portal. The information that you will get from this portal is genuine which requires no further enquiries. It’s a non profitable online service which is being used by millions of people for viewing and downloading their vehicle inspection history.

That information is mandatory for them at the time of vehicle registration renewal process.

So, MyTXCar Login Portal is beneficial for both owner of the vehicle and second hand vehicle buyer. But it also relatively higher advantages such as the details about Pollution History of a vehicle. On the other hand, it also provides you accurate data about the surcharges, accidents, etc.

The Importance Of Vehicle Inspection History In Texas

Since it is mandatory in texas, everyone should go through the inspection procedures.

  • Public Safety – Texas DMV (department of motor vehicles) took this process serious for the safety of the public. A vehicle with no proper safety measures cannot be used in texas. At the time of inspection, the people from DMV will test pollution check. On the other hand, the vehicle engine service, condition of the vehicle and a lot more useful procedures will be carried out.
  • Theft Protection – Each vehicle will have a VIN on the name of the vehicle owner. VIN will be provided by Texas DMV which will be integrated with the model details such as Chassis number and other stuff. When someone steals your car, it can be easily identified following a valid complaint about the issue.
  • Driver Safety – Department of motor vehicles take care of both vehicle and the driver. If the vehicle not passed in the inspection, dmv will suggest few things related to vehicle service, parts replacement, etc.
  • Important for Vehicle Registration Renewal – Vehicle inspection is must for renewal process of your vehicle registration. Without a valid vehicle inspection report (VIR), you cannot renew your vehicle’s registration.

If you don’t know where you take your vehicle for the inspection, you can visit this page to find out nearest vehicle inspection stations in texas.

Everything You Need To Know About MyTXCar Login Account

You have come to know about the portal as of now. But it is recommended to understand the login process and the requirements that you may have in order to be able to login to the portal.

Since it is an official portal developed by the Texas Government, you don’t have to create an mytxcar account. Everyone with a valid pin can easily go through the portal and view the vehicle inspection history.

There is no account registration process available in the portal. All you need is a PIN and some other details mentioned below.

Requirements for MyTXCar Login

In order to be able to get the vehicle inspection history in texas, you need to have following requirements. Without any of the below mentioned prerequisites, it’s too tough for you to go through the process.

  • VIN – Vehicle Inspection Number is mandatory for logging into the portal. You can read this guide if you don’t have a VIN number with you.
  • Safety Sticker Number – It is an alternative for VIN and you can enter this if you don’t have a vehicle inspection number with you.
  • Smartphone or PC – Since the whole process is online and completely paperless, you must have a smartphone or a personal computer. Using any of them, you can open up www.mytxcar.org website.
  • Internet – An active internet connection is a must in this process. Without internet connectivity, you cannot access the website and you can’t get the history of the vehicle.
  • A Web Browser – MyTXCar App is currently not available for download. So, you should use the web version of the website either on your phone or laptop. In order to be able to load the web page without any issues, it is recommended to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Don’t end up wasting time trying to check the details of the vehicle if you can’t meet those requirements. Leave your comments below if you need any help from us.

How To Log Into MyTXCar Portal Online?

Whenever you want to check the inspection history of any vehicle in texas, you can follow below instructions.

  • Go to the official website of MyTXCar Portal with the following url www.mytxcar.org.
  • You can use your phone or pc to open up the official website mentioned above. But make sure to have an active internet connection on your device.
  • Now you will be taken to the web security check as a first step to verify that you are human.

mytxcar login

  • Solve the captcha and hit submit to enter into mytxcar.org website.
  • The actual portal page with all necessary information will be loaded now.
  • Enter the 17 digit VIN number (vehicle identification number) in it’s field.

mytxcar portal

  • Hit Submit button now.
  • MyTXCar Portal will now display the vehicle inspection history of the vehicle associated with the VIN number that you have entered.

mytxcar portal login

  • Take a print out of your vehicle inspection history shown on the portal page.
  • You can submit this record when you are going for the vehicle renewal process at Taxas DMV.
  • The records you have downloaded from mytxcar.og will be valid for 90 days only.

Very Important Note: The inspection results of the vehicles gone through today will not be updated until next 24 hours. So it is recommended to check back one more time after 24 hours of your present check.

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Few Benefits Of MyTXCar Portal

  • No need to create mytxcar account and you won’t see any kind of registrations on the portal page.
  • It’s completely a free service and available to everyone. No matter whether you already own a vehicle or not, you can still get vehicle inspection history of the vehicle.
  • It is a very easy process and you don’t have to go through any kind of complicated procedures to get the vehicle inspection records.
  • The portal can be access from anywhere in the entire world.
  • Works pretty well even in slower internet connections as well.

Contact Details | Texas Department Of Public Safety

You can use the contact information shared below for all kids of complaints and enquiries.

  • Texas Vehicle Inspection History Phone Number – 512-424-7293
  • Texas Department Of Public Safety Phone Number – 512-424-7293
  • Technical Team Phone Number – 512-424-2000
  • Head Quarters Security Phone Number – 512-424-2290
  • Human Resource Bureau – 512-424-5900

The phonelines will be available between 7am to 7pm from monday to saturday. Sunday is a holidy and you cannot contact them until monday morning.

You can contact RSD from their official website. It is necessary to fill in some basic details about yourself and your vehicle for any kind of enquiries.

You can use this facility anytime and they will get back to you as soon as possible.


MyTXCar login portal is a non profit organization developed and maintained by the government of texas. Everyone can get the vehicle inspection history of the vehicles with a valid VIN number. We have shared all necessary tips in this article so that can get the vehicle inspection records at www.mytxcar.og.