FMCDealer Login – Dealer Connection, Single Web [Guide]

FMCDealer is an integrated dealer communication portal for ford, lincoln mercury dealers. The portal is started by Ford Motor Company where all the dealers can log into single portal rather than using 3 different portals.

In this article, we have shared everything about FMCDealer Login, Customer Support Info and steps to reset dealer account password, etc. Read this article to understand the single web login process and information related to fmc dealer connection by FBMI.

What Is FMCDealer Portal?

Portals of Ford, Liconln, Merucry are integrated into single portal and it is available with the web address for the convenience of the dealers.

Earlier, dealers have to use one portal for each division and second portal for service related info and third portal is for repair information of the vehicles under their dealership.

With FMCDealer Login Portal, all the dealers will be able to access information such as service, parts data, warranty information, important news about the company, vehicle locating at one place.

With just a single login to the, dealers can also get information related to sales,
ordering tools, cumulative data of the total sales by a dealer, etc.

What Is Is It Still Available? was the old web url for the fmcdealer portal. But it is now integrated into the as a ford authenticated user service terminal.

But fmcdealer web single sing-on will take you to the new portal and allows you manage all the info at one place.

Major reason behind the integration of into is to eliminate the confusions and login issues.

What Is FMCDealer Single Web Login?

Everything can be accessed form a single website All the employees, retirees, dealers, hourly workers can now use website with various purposes.

Each one of them have different portals namely myfordbenefits, ford retiree benefits, and fmcdealer.

Now, all the ford dealers can take a printout of the invoices of the vehicles to get the parts sales data and service info.

Requirements For FMCDealer Login

There are certain prerequisites for accessing the official ford dealer portal dashboard.

  • Ford Dealer User ID
  • Ford Dealer Password
  • Social Security Number
  • Date Of Birth – It should match with the DOB on file
  • Email ID – Used at the time of password reset
  • A smartphone or PC – Since it is a paperless process
  • Working Internet Connection

I hope you can fulfill all the requirements whenever it is needed. Let’s see the login instructions for word wide ford dealers.

FMCDealer Login – Step-By-Step Instructions is the home for all login portals related to dealers, employees, retirees, etc. But it is a confusing task to access the fmc dealer login portal from the home page. Following instructions will help you locate the portal and helps you log in without any problems.

  • Visit the web address “” without quotes using any web browser.
  • The web address will be redirected to the fmc dealer portal page.
  • The url of the portal will look lengthy and you don’t have to remember all that.
  • You will see the login page as shown below.

fmcdealer login

  • Enter the ford dealer user id that you were using at the old fmc dealer login portal.
  • Enter the password associated with the dealer user id.
  • Hit “Login” button to log into fmc dealer portal where you can manage all the information meant for ford dealers.

This is the actual login process that you can follow from anywhere in the world. You can also recover the username or password if you don’t remember either of them.

How To Recover FMC Dealer User ID and Password?

Now you can recover the lost password from the login page itself. Check out the steps to recover the password of ford dealer account.

  • Go to website any of your smart devices. Be sure with the url because the wrong spell will not take you to the right destination.
  • Now you can see completely loaded page with all necessary information.
  • There are some links right below the login button as you can see in the image below.

reset fmcdealer password

  • Hit “Dealers” option as highlighted in the above image.
  • A new page will open up with the all necessary options for password recovery.

fmcdealer password recovery

  • Enter the Ford Dealer User ID in the highlighted field.
  • Hit “Submit” button now.
  • Password confirmation link will be sent to your email address from fmc dealer connection admins.
  • Hit that confirmation link to come back to the portal page.
  • Type in the new password and confirm the password.
  • Close the browser tab and try to log into the portal with a new password now.

Everything should be working as expected now. If in case, you are still not able to log into the portal, you can contact the customer support.

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FMCDealer.DealerConnection Login Instructions

Again, don’t get confused. Dealer Connection an auto service which provides services to most of the motor companies such as ford, hyundai, etc. So, the portal was previously called as fmc dealer connection. Moreover, all the dealers were using as the portal URL.

Since the ford dealer login portal is now integrated into, that old url will get redirected to the new url. So, nothing to worry about it.

You can still use that old url to go to the ford dealer page or use any of the below links.


All of them are working well without any kind of errors. If you have any doubts, you can comment below this article.

FMC Dealer Customer Support

  • Toll Free Phone Number – 00800 36733228
  • Alternative Toll Free Free Number – 01277-252301
  • Email ID –
  • Website –

Those are the phone toll free numbers and can be contacted between 08:00 to 16:00 GMT from Monday to Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Get Smart Vincent on FMCDealer Portal?

Yes, you will get smart vincent and other ford dealer tools such as vehicle communication interface on the dealer portal.

2. Why Can’t I Access FMC Dealer Login Page On My Computer At Home?

The url that you are using might be wrong. Use the official url instead of which is not working.

3. Why Won’t FMC Dealer Portal Load on Any Of My Browsers?

You may be using outdated version of the browser, try to update it to the recent version. Moreover, disconnect VPN connection if you are using any. You can also try again by deleting browser cache.


FMCDealer Login Page of the official portal can be accessed by word wide ford dealers. We have shared the step by step instructions for login, account creation, password recovery and answered the common questions asked by ford dealers. Meanwhile, comment your opinion about this guide below.

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