GMGlobalConnect Login – Employees, Retirees, Dealers, Wholesalers

GMGlobalConnect is the login portal for the employees of General Motor Company. GMC is one of the worlds largest automobile manufactures in the world with over 1,64,000 employee base as of December 2019. In this article, we are going to share complete info regarding GM Global Connect Employee Login.

What Is

It is the official website started in the year 2006 and merged into very recently. The GMC employees can access the website from their workplace and from their home as well.

gmglobalconnect portal

General Motors Employees will be given a unique username and username for logging in. Wholesalers, Corporates can also access the portal along with employees of the company. Everyone will have a unique user ID and password for a secured access.

GMGlobalConnect Portal Benefits

There are a lot of benefits associated with the gmglobalconnect portal login. We have mentioned some of them below, have a look at them.

  • Work Schedules – Employees of General Motors can view their work schedules and plan their vacations accordingly. The schedules are up to date and the employees can raise a request if want to shift the schedules.
  • Company’s Sales & Service Details – Employees or Dealers of the company will be able to check the sales report of the vehicles and spare parts of the vehicles. It is clearly seen that this is one of the finest feature which provide all the data with no errors.
  • Paystub & W-2 – General Motors employees can now log into their employee profile and access their paystub information. It’s easy to download w-2 forms from the portal as well.
  • Work From Home – Company is offering work from home opportunity to all the eligible employees.
  • Communicate with Company – Employees can now easily communicate with the company from inside the portal. Every employee will have option to contact technical department straightway and discuss regarding any issues with the schedules or so.

There are a lot of other advantages as well. GMGlobalConnect Retirees will also be able to check their health benefits and retiree benefits and claim them from inside the portal.

Requirements For GM Global Connect Login

General Motors operates in various sectors of automobile industry. Some of them are Design, Manufacture of vehicles and parts, distribution of parts and vehicles and markets them to famous brands in the world.

Check out some of the requirements for corporate, wholesaler and gm global employee login.

  • Valid Global Connect User ID and Password
  • Verified GC Employee Profile in the company
  • Access to Email ID which is available in the Global Connect employee profile
  • Registered Phone Number – used to receive one time password and verification process
  • Smartphone or a Personal Computer
  • Internet Connectivity to the device that you are going to use for logging into the portal

GMC is also into financial services from a very long time with huge spike in it’s rankings from the beginning. It stood at number 18 in the list of fortune 500 companies in USA in terms of revenue.

GMGlobalConnect Login for Employees & Retirees

Current employees and retirees can follow the instructions shared below.

  • Visit website on your phone or pc. You may use google chrome browser on Android, PC and safari web browser on iOS devices. Windows phone users can use microsoft edge browser.
  • That website will take you to the exact gm global connect login page on website.


  • Enter the GMGlobal Employee User ID in the first box.
  • Type in the Password associated with the employee profile in the second field.
  • Hit “LOG IN” button to log into the gm global connect employee portal on your smartphone or pc.

Once you are inside the portal, you can views the tasks assigned to you and events, news, updates, paystub, w-2, etc.

How To Reset GMGlobalConnect Employee Password?

  • Go to by using any web browser on your personal computer or smartphone.
  • Hit that “Forgot Password?” option to start the password recovery process.

gmglobal connect password recover

  • Enter your gm employee username and hit “Continue” button.

Now you will receive all the instructions to your email id. Kindly follow the mentioned instructions to be able to recover or reset the password.

What Is

It is an online resourceful web page where employees, retirees, dealers and corporates will be able to the resources.

The website is available in 6 languages namely English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francias, Portugues, etc. Okay, let’s see what kind of information and resources that you can access from

  • You can reset your employee account if you don’t have access to either username or password. It will help you identify your gmc employee profile with GMID, GMIN and Last name.
  • You can recover the password of Supply Power and Alliance Power right from this website.
  • Set up primary windows account from portal.
  • 2 step verification or 2 factor authentication can be set up for your employee profile.

How To Activate GMID – First Time GMGlobalConnect Users

  • Open this link to go to the page on the official website where you can activate your gm global employee id if you are a new employee.
  • You will see a welcome screen with the tasks that you are going to participate. Hit “Next” button to start identifying yourself.

gm global connect employee id

  • Enter the GMIN [General Motors Identification Number] that you have obtained from your superior.
  • Type in your first and last name the open boxes as you see in the image above.
  • Hit “Next” to move on to activate your GMID.
  • Once you are done with the activation, you can go to third step where you will have to set up 2-step verification preferences.
  • In the fourth step, you will be asked to create a password. Use the mix of numbers, letters and symbols for a strong password.
  • Confirm the changes that you have made in the final step.

Once you are done with the activation of GMID of GMGlobalConnect employee profile, you can log into the portal.

GM Global Connect VPS Login for Dealers & Wholesalers

GM Dealer Portal is hosted and operated by one of the partners known as Opel Automobiles. All the dealers and wholesalers can follow the steps shared below for a successful log into the portal.

  • Visit URL on your pc or smartphone. Make sure the URL is correct and there are no mistypes in it.

gmglobalconnect login

  • Enter the GM Dealership Username and Password as indicated in the fields above.
  • Hit “Log IN” button now to go into the dealer portal of General Motors Company.

Now, all the logged in dealers and wholesalers can view sales reports of the parts, vehicles, etc. All the dealership activities can be done inside the portal.

How To Reset GM Global Dealer Password

  • Go to the official website mentioned above. You should not use the employee login portal in order to reset the dealer password.

globalconnect dealer password reset

  • You will see the option “Forgot Password?” right below the password field.
  • Tap the option and please wait while the page is loading.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number and enter the Date Of Birth.
  • Type in the Email ID that you have used to create the dealer profile at gm global connect portal.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set a new password.

GMGlobalConnect Dealer Support

If you have any issues with logging in or password reset process, you may contact your Outlet Administrator. You will have to contact your NSC if you are an Outlet Administrator yourself.

Otherwise, you can contact the DAC.

gm global connect dac support

Once you are on the DAC page, select your country from the drop down menu as shown above. Then, hit that “Return To Login” button to go back to the login page.

Otherwise, you can send an email to concern department from the registered email id to get help.

Also Check:

GM Financial Login Instructions – Updated

No matter whether you are an employee or dealer or a customer, you can access gm financial portal. But please remember that you are allowed to log into the portal only if you have taken the financial services of General Motors.

  • Visit webpage.

gm financial login

  • Enter the Email Address and Password in respective fields.
  • Hit “LOG IN” button to be able to log into the general motors financial portal.

You can manage your payments and payment methods inside the portal. Now you can update the address details or credit card details and turn on or off automatic payments towards GM Finance.

gm finance options in portal

Choose the account type and pick the financing type and then select the payment method. Once your selection is finished, hit “Submit” button to apply the changes.

GM Global Connect Employee Support – Help Desk

In order to request a portal ID, send an email to the below given official email id.


Contact the phone number shared below for password reset, security access to the employee profile.

  •  1-888-337-1010

GM Dealer Business Center Contact Details are shared below.

  •  1-888-414-6322

Contact below numbers for BARS reprint and queries related to technical support and business support.

  • 888-337-1010
  • 888-414-6322

Queries related to general support, send an email to the following email id.


Open this page for more details about the general motors global connect help desk. From the drop down menu, choose your country of residence to relevant results.


GMGlobalConnect is a great portal where all the GMC employees can log into their employee profiles. Both current employees and retirees can log in and enjoy the benefits offered by the company. We have also included the login process for gm dealership and more in this article. Leave your comments if you are looking for any help from us, thank you.

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