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MyBKExperience is an online survey portal where burger king collects customer feedback. Burger King Survey portal is available at Customers of Burger King can participate in the survey to share their valuable feedback about the food, ambience, cultural values of the staff, etc.

In this article, we are going to share step by step instructions for the online survey. We are pretty confident that you will be able to receive a free whopper from by the end of this article.

About MyBKExperience Survey –

We are not going to talk about what is burger king because we all know about it very much. On the other hand, we are not talking about the types and prices of food available at Burger King.

We aim to talk about my burger king survey procedure that let’s you win a free whopper or a coupon code from the official survey portal.

The survey is only meant for the customers and employees of the company are not allowed to participate. The entire process will not take more than 2 minutes because they value your precious time.

Upon successful participation, you will receive mybkexperience survey free whopper with a validation code. So, by using the survey code on your invitation form, you can literally enjoy a free burger king whopper. Survey Requirements

It is not a paper based survey that you usually see in some local restaurants. It is an end to end online process and you should be ready with the requirements mentioned below.

  • You should purchase some food or beverages from the Burger King store.
  • He/She must be a legal resident of United States Of America.
  • He/She must be an adult and this survey is not meant for people aged below 18 years.
  • You should not be an employee of burger king.
  • You should not be a family member of the burger king employee.
  • He/She must have a valid purchase bill of their recent visit to Burger King Store.
  • Basic knowledge is required in English or Spanish or French.
  • Internet connected mobile device or a laptop.

The survey is available in 3 different languages such as English, Español, Français. So, you can take the survey in any of these languages from the home page of survey website.

MyBKExperience Survey Rewards

Burger King will offer some exclusive perks and rewards to all the customers who participate in burger king survey. Sometimes, they will provide a coupon code that can be redeemed by the customers in their next purchase.

Redeeming the coupon code will minus some amount on their total billing in their next visit to the store. Some other times, they offer a free whopper on mybkexperience survey successful completion.

The survey rewards are not fixed and they may change anytime. You can check the official website for information related to the rewards they are currently offering.

How To Participate In MyBKExperience Survey In United States [US]

  • Go to website on your device using Google Chrome or Safari web browser.
  • The website will open up in English language by default. If you are from Spanish speaking countries, choose Espanol. Or, select Francais if you are from any french speaking counties.


  • Now, you have to enter the number of the restaurant which is available on the front page of the burger king purchase bill.
  • Hit “NEXT” button now.
  • The website will now load the next page of the survey.

my bk experience

  • Enter the BK Survey Code available on the burger king bill receipt. Don’t get confused by the term transaction id because both of them are same.
  • Hit “START” button to start my bk experience survey.
  • Now, you will start seeing the burger king survey questionnaire.

burger king guest survey

  • Choose your order type between Drive-Thru, Dine-In or Carry-Out.
  • Select your the number of people for the question “How Many People Were In Your Part?” and hit “Next”.

burger king guest satisfaction survey

  • Select “Yes” or “No” for the question “Did you order for a child under 13 years of age?” and then, hit “Next”.

mybkexperience survey

  • Choose your option for the question “Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this BURGER KING restaurant”.
  • Tap “Next” button to get the next question in the survey.
  • Answer all the questions that you get on screen one by one.

At the end of the survey, you will receive survey validation code. You can check the instructions available below for redeeming the validation code.

Note: You can participate in the survey if you are from United States, France, Spain, etc. People from United Kingdom have to follow different set of instructions.

How To Participate In BK Feedback UK Survey?

If you are living in anywhere in your united kingdom, follow these instructions.

  • Visit website on your android phone or iPhone or PC.

bk experience uk

  • Go through the information present on the home page of the bk feedkback uk website.
  • Hit “Continue” button to start the survey process on the official portal designed for people in UK.

bk feedback uk

  • Enter the restaurant number and choose the date of your visit and time of your visit. Hit “Start” button to start the survey procedure and answer all the questions that you get in the survey.

My Burger King Experience Survey Portals for Other Countries

If you are from non usa or non uk countries, you have to use the website created for your country.

  • Germany –
  • Sweden –
  • Norway –
  • Ireland –
  • Dutch –
  • Danish –
  • Russia –
  • South Africa –
  • India –

Go to the website link available besides the country name and start the survey process. Survey steps and questions are same in all countries.

Burger King Survey Questionnaire Overview

  1. Choose the type of your order
  2. How many people were there in your party?
  3. Have you ordered for child under 13 years age?
  4. Rate your overall satisfaction with your in-store experience
  5. Rate your satisfaction with temperature of food, friendliness of bk team, the ease of placing order, speed of the service.
  6. Now, rate your satisfaction with overall cleanliness of the restaurant, the value for the money.
  7. Based on this visit, what is the likelihood that you will
    1. Return to this burger king in next 30 days
    2. Recommend this burger king to others in next 30 days
  8. Please indicate how much you agree of disagree with the following statements
    1. The fries that I ordered were fresh. If you did not ordered fries, select N/A.
    2. I get higher quality food at this BURGER KING compared to other fast food restaurants.
    3. The sandwich that I ordered was fresh. If you did not ordered a sandwich, select N/A.
  9. Did you experience a problem during your last visit?
  10. Which of the following main items did you order for yourself on this visit? (check all that apply.)
  11. Which of the following side items, beverages, or deserts did you order for yourself on this visit? (check all that apply.)
  12. Thank you for your feedback, we have just a few more questions.
    1. Did a team member tell you about this survey?
    2. Did you use a coupon on this visit?
  13. Next, did the staff member encourage you to provide high ratings?
  14. Did the team members welcome you with the friendly greeting?
  15. Did the team members you interacted with say please and thank you?
  16. Would you be willing to answer a few more questions regarding your travel pattern to and from this BURGER KING?
  17. Please answer the following questions regarding your travel pattern to and from this BURGER KING.
  18. How many times per week do you visit this specific restaurant?
  19. How much did you spend during this visit? (please refer to your sale receipt)
  20. Where were you immediately prior to visiting this restaurant?
  21. Where did you go immediately after your visit?
  22. Was this restaurant more convenient to;
    1. Where you came from before your last visit
    2. Where you were going to after your visit
    3. Prefer not to answer
  23. Please indicate on the map the location you identified as closer
    1. I cannot find the location on the map.
    2. Prefer not to answer
  24.  Validate your offer with mybkexperience validation code

Those are the survey questions you are going to answer in the survey irrespective of your country.

How To Claim MyBKExperience Free Whopper with Validation Code?

Would you like to use the burger king validation code? let’s see the process.

  • If you have gone through the survey successfully, you will see the validation code as shown below. Kindly write down the validation code on your bill or take a screenshot on your device. validation code

  • Keep validation code written bill safely without missing it.
  • Take that bill to the burger king restaurant whenever you visit it next time.
  • Kindly remember that you need to redeem the validation code within next 30 days. After that, the validation code will be expired and you cannot use it at any cost.

If you cannot present the bill along with the bk survey validation code, you will be ineligible for the rewards program.

Also Check:

No Survey Code On Burger King Receipt – Solution

Can’t you see the survey code on the receipt? here’s a possible solution for you.

  • Sometimes, customers will receive the bills without a survey code. But don’t worry, you can use the transaction id for the survey.

no survey code on burger king receipt

  • In most of the cases, the survey will be successful with the transaction id aka order id.
  • If you cannot take survey with the order id, it means that they are not currently offering burger king guest satisfaction survey on that bill.

If you have any doubts on transaction id or validation code, you can get help from the help desk.

MyBKExperiece Customer Relations Contact Details

You can contact burger king customer relations team for any kind of queries. We have provided the contact details that you may use anytime to get help from the technical team.

  • Burger King Survey Help Phone Number – 1866-394-2493 [Toll Free]
  • Official Contact Page Of BK Survey –
  • Official Website Of My BK Experience Survey Portal –

Make a call to the above toll free number and explain your issue clearly. The support team will give you the solution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use burger king survey code?

After successful survey, you will receive a survey code from website. Write that code on the back of your bill and present that bill within next 30 days in your next visit to the store.

2. Where can I find the survey code on burger king receipt?

You can find the bk survey code at the bottom section and above the billing amount on your receipt.

3. Can I get mybkexperience free whopper?

First time users will get burger king whopper from the app. Install the app from google play store, order food and you will be eligible for free whopper for the first time. From the next time, you will have to take bkexperience survey to get a free whopper.

4. How to leave a review on burger king?

Survey and review are two different approaches to present your in-store experience. Make a call to 03332074208 or send an email to to leave your review.

5. What happens when burger king does not give you a receipt?

Every time you order something online or in store, you will get a receipt. If you didn’t get a receipt means, your order is free and you don’t have to pay anything.

6. When can I get $2 whoppers from burger king?

Wednesday is your day to get premium whoppers for just $2. I guess you cannot redeem a coupon code on this billing. Moreover, this offer is valid for purchases in-store only.


MyBKExperience survey will get you a free whopper with a survey validation code. We have shared pretty much everything about and survey questionnaire in this article. If you have any questions or doubts, you may contact the help desk. Or, leave your comments below to get help from our website admins.

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