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TCEQ stands for Texas Commission On Environmental Quality where people can check vehicle inspection history. Buying a second hand vehicle is affordable and easy process but you won’t be able to go through the past history of that particular vehicle on your own.

We generally see the vehicle and go for a test drive and understand whether to purchase the second vehicle or look for another one. But should not be the actual process because it may get you a lot of trouble in future.

On MyTXCar Login Portal, you will be able to retrieve past history of all the vehicles out there in it’s registry. You will get everything from the list of past owners, vehicle registration details, the surcharge history, etc. Don’t forget to check out the guide that we have written on how to pay surcharges on

Moreover, it is mandatory for every vehicle in Texas to go through vehicle inspection process. If the owner of the vehicle don’t take it to the text, it will be a tough time for him the time of vehicle registration renewal process.

What Is MyTXCar Portal?

MyTXCar is a web portal officially launched by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. People with valid PIN can get the details of the vehicle from it’s initial purchase date to today. official portal

All the people living in Texas can get information about any vehicle from the official portal. The information that you will get from this portal is genuine which requires no further enquiries. It’s a non profitable online service which is being used by millions of people for viewing and downloading their vehicle inspection history.

That information is mandatory for them at the time of vehicle registration renewal process.

So, MyTXCar Login Portal is beneficial for both owner of the vehicle and second hand vehicle buyer. But it also relatively higher advantages such as the details about Pollution History of a vehicle. On the other hand, it also provides you accurate data about the surcharges, accidents, etc.

The Importance Of Vehicle Inspection History In Texas

Since it is mandatory in texas, everyone should go through the inspection procedures.

  • Public Safety – Texas DMV (department of motor vehicles) took this process serious for the safety of the public. A vehicle with no proper safety measures cannot be used in texas. At the time of inspection, the people from DMV will test pollution check. On the other hand, the vehicle engine service, condition of the vehicle and a lot more useful procedures will be carried out.
  • Theft Protection – Each vehicle will have a VIN on the name of the vehicle owner. VIN will be provided by Texas DMV which will be integrated with the model details such as Chassis number and other stuff. When someone steals your car, it can be easily identified following a valid complaint about the issue.
  • Driver Safety – Department of motor vehicles take care of both vehicle and the driver. If the vehicle not passed in the inspection, dmv will suggest few things related to vehicle service, parts replacement, etc.
  • Important for Vehicle Registration Renewal – Vehicle inspection is must for renewal process of your vehicle registration. Without a valid vehicle inspection report (VIR), you cannot renew your vehicle’s registration.

If you don’t know where you take your vehicle for the inspection, you can visit this page to find out nearest vehicle inspection stations in texas.

Everything You Need To Know About MyTXCar Login Account

You have come to know about the portal as of now. But it is recommended to understand the login process and the requirements that you may have in order to be able to login to the portal.

Since it is an official portal developed by the Texas Government, you don’t have to create an mytxcar account. Everyone with a valid pin can easily go through the portal and view the vehicle inspection history.

There is no account registration process available in the portal. All you need is a PIN and some other details mentioned below.

Requirements for MyTXCar Login

In order to be able to get the vehicle inspection history in texas, you need to have following requirements. Without any of the below mentioned prerequisites, it’s too tough for you to go through the process.

  • VIN – Vehicle Inspection Number is mandatory for logging into the portal. You can read this guide if you don’t have a VIN number with you.
  • Safety Sticker Number – It is an alternative for VIN and you can enter this if you don’t have a vehicle inspection number with you.
  • Smartphone or PC – Since the whole process is online and completely paperless, you must have a smartphone or a personal computer. Using any of them, you can open up website.
  • Internet – An active internet connection is a must in this process. Without internet connectivity, you cannot access the website and you can’t get the history of the vehicle.
  • A Web Browser – MyTXCar App is currently not available for download. So, you should use the web version of the website either on your phone or laptop. In order to be able to load the web page without any issues, it is recommended to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Don’t end up wasting time trying to check the details of the vehicle if you can’t meet those requirements. Leave your comments below if you need any help from us.

How To Log Into MyTXCar Portal Online?

Whenever you want to check the inspection history of any vehicle in texas, you can follow below instructions.

  • Go to the official website of MyTXCar Portal with the following url
  • You can use your phone or pc to open up the official website mentioned above. But make sure to have an active internet connection on your device.
  • Now you will be taken to the web security check as a first step to verify that you are human.

mytxcar login

  • Solve the captcha and hit submit to enter into website.
  • The actual portal page with all necessary information will be loaded now.
  • Enter the 17 digit VIN number (vehicle identification number) in it’s field.

mytxcar portal

  • Hit Submit button now.
  • MyTXCar Portal will now display the vehicle inspection history of the vehicle associated with the VIN number that you have entered.

mytxcar portal login

  • Take a print out of your vehicle inspection history shown on the portal page.
  • You can submit this record when you are going for the vehicle renewal process at Taxas DMV.
  • The records you have downloaded from mytxcar.og will be valid for 90 days only.

Very Important Note: The inspection results of the vehicles gone through today will not be updated until next 24 hours. So it is recommended to check back one more time after 24 hours of your present check.

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Few Benefits Of MyTXCar Portal

  • No need to create mytxcar account and you won’t see any kind of registrations on the portal page.
  • It’s completely a free service and available to everyone. No matter whether you already own a vehicle or not, you can still get vehicle inspection history of the vehicle.
  • It is a very easy process and you don’t have to go through any kind of complicated procedures to get the vehicle inspection records.
  • The portal can be access from anywhere in the entire world.
  • Works pretty well even in slower internet connections as well.

Contact Details | Texas Department Of Public Safety

You can use the contact information shared below for all kids of complaints and enquiries.

  • Texas Vehicle Inspection History Phone Number – 512-424-7293
  • Texas Department Of Public Safety Phone Number – 512-424-7293
  • Technical Team Phone Number – 512-424-2000
  • Head Quarters Security Phone Number – 512-424-2290
  • Human Resource Bureau – 512-424-5900

The phonelines will be available between 7am to 7pm from monday to saturday. Sunday is a holidy and you cannot contact them until monday morning.

You can contact RSD from their official website. It is necessary to fill in some basic details about yourself and your vehicle for any kind of enquiries.

You can use this facility anytime and they will get back to you as soon as possible.


MyTXCar login portal is a non profit organization developed and maintained by the government of texas. Everyone can get the vehicle inspection history of the vehicles with a valid VIN number. We have shared all necessary tips in this article so that can get the vehicle inspection records at www.mytxcar.og.

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