Your Guide To NJ License Restoration & Renewal Online

This guide is all about restoring your license and nj license renewal online at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Portal.

If you are staying in New Jersey with an expired license, you need to restore it by paying the restoration fee. Don’t worry, we have written a step by step guide with all the instructions that you need in order to restore your nj license or register for new licence card.

Key Points To Note…

  • NJ Municipal Court suspends the licenses which have reached the traffic violation points.
  • NJMVC is a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission which records your license details such as expired or suspended and allows you restore your license.

You may ignore the technical part such as the differences between NJMC and NJMVC. But make sure to know the procedure which helps you restore your suspended licence and renew it online on the same day.

Requirements [Must Have]

It’s it highly recommended to clear all the dues (traffic points & fines) on your license plate number. Because, the online system at NJMVC will not allow you restore your license if there is any past dues. You may check out the Guide To Pay NJMCDirect Traffic Ticket Online.

If you are not okay with the points that you already have but your license is suspended already, you may fight for it. Check out the guide on Plead Not Guilty to NJ Parking Ticket.

Pleading not guilty to your nj fines may reduce the points imposed on your license but you cannot restore your license back for free. In such cases, you will have to do it manually by following the guidelines shared below.

Instructions for NJ License Renewal in 2020

  • Visit NJMVC License Renewal Portal using this link.
  • Make sure you are currently staying at the same address on your licence card. Otherwise, you may update your address by going here.
  • You need couple of items with you to renew your nj driver license hassle free.
    • License Renewal Form Received on your Email ( you will get email only if you are eligible & not suspended. )
    • Valid Drivers License Number.
    • Valid Social security Number (SSN).
    • Printer Access.
    • Valid Email ID.
    • Valid Credit Card (or) Debit Card.
  • Okay, if you are ready with the items mentioned above, you are almost ready to go ahead.
  • Visit MyMVC Login Portal by using this link.

nj license restoration

  • Enter the Zip Code, Driver License Number (or) ID Number and enter Social Security Number also.
  • Prove that your are not a robot and tap “Login”.
  • NJMVC Portal will now validate your license details and promote you to payment page if your license is eligible for renewal.

Once you have renewed your license online by following the instructions shared above, your license renewal will be effective immediately (usually within minutes).

You will get the new driver licence card on your email id and you may print the same to carry until you receive the hard copy to your mailing address. Note that you will receive licence card to whatever the current address you have provided while applying for license.

Instructions for NJ License Restoration in 2020

  • You need to Pay NJ License Restoration Fee at MyMVC Portal, you can use this link. The portal will look exactly like what we have shown in the image below.

njmc driver license restoration

  • Enter the Zip Code, Driver License Number and Social Serial Number and then tap “Continue”.
  • On the payment page, you need to pay $100 restoration fee in order to restore you driving license.
  • Once the payment is done, you will have to submit the proof of payment of outstanding fines and dues in order to restore your license ( it’s highly recommended & it’s must ).
  • On the other hand, you will also need to cite proper reason for your license suspension and mention that you have finished your suspension period.

If your license is normally expired (without suspension), you can renew it by going to MyMVC Login Portal ( Go to the section ).

Or follow the restoration instructions to get back your license if it is suspended ( Go to the section ).

What to do if you have suspended license which is also expired after a few days. Get the complete details on how many times you need to make fee payment to get nj license back and what are different types of NJ License Restoration Fee details.

How To Restore Suspended + Expired Driving License?

There are chances that your license gets expired within few days or weeks and you have been also suspended at the same time. You might have this confusion of which thing to do first,

Renewal (or) Restoration?

Don’t get confused, since your license is suspended, you will have to clear the pending finest first. Once the dues and fines are cleared on your licence card, then you can do the renewal process to get a new license plate to your mailing address.

It’s as simple as that.

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