NJUIFILE – Unemployment Insurance Benefits In New Jersey

Full form of NJUIFILE is New Jersey Unemployment Insurance File. People living in new jersey can apply for the unemployment insurance by deploying the proof of unemployment. There are certain things that you must know before applying for the insurance that we are talking about. In this article, we will provide the complete information about NJUIFILE.


It is an unemployment insurance program started by the government of New Jersey. Anyone with no wages can apply for this program.

At the time of applying for the insurance program, he/she has to provide valid proofs that they are currently not working anywhere.

This program is started to eliminate the unemployment issues in New Jersey. Here you need to understand the fact that this program is only available for people of New Jersey and not everyone is allowed though.

Let’s check out the eligibility requirements for NJ Employment File program that we have shared below.

Eligibility Criteria Of NJUIFILE – Updated

There is clear cut criteria for this program. Whenever you apply for it, the team will review your application and look into the same from various aspects. Let’s check out what are the requirements that you must have in order to claim nj unemployment insurance.

  • You must provide valid information about why you are out of work (job).
  • Your recent earnings/income must meet the minimum earnings required by NJ Law.
  • It is meant for people who lost their jobs and it is not for people who just graduated from their academics.
  • It is not for people who quite their job for whatever reasons.
  • NJ Unemployment Insurance Benefits are not meant for people who got terminated from their jobs due to misbehavior. Everything will be reviewed by the time at the time of approval process. There are a very less chances that such people get rejected from the unemployment benefits.
  • People who lost their jobs due to the downsizing of employees can apply for the employment benefits.

Those are a very important aspects that you must have a look before going to apply for the employment insurance.

It is clearly seen that people who were got fired from their jobs for whatever reasons are not allowed for this.

On the other hand, there will be a separate review process for people who were working as teachers and business owners.

Important Note: People who are self-employed and don’t pay for Unemployment Insurance from their paychecks when they were working, are not eligible.

There is a valid point to note from the above statement. People who pays for nj unemployment insurance benefits from their paychecks while they are working will be eligible to receive NJUIFILE Benefits.

Few Important Points To Note Down

Here is a check list that helps in understanding the concept of nj employment benefits criteria, it’s review process and approval related stuff.

  • You must have worked in New Jersey for at least 18 months till this time.
  • You shouldn’t have worked in federal government, us military and marine jobs.
  • A person who applies for unemployment benefits must be a resident of New Jersey.
  • He/She must haven’t lived outside of United States for whatsoever reasons.
  • Nothing to worry about the submitted documents, everything will be kept safe.
  • The documents that you have provided to NJUIFILE must be genuine and valid.
  • You must not spoof anything with your documents. If they find you did something wrong, you will be rejected immediately and you will have to go through certain tough circumstances.

How To Apply For NJ Unemployment File? – Updated for 2021

The application process can be carried about in two ways. You can apply for the program online at www.njuifile.net or you can submit all the documents offline by calling the working nj unemployment number.

It is recommended to apply online because you can cross check things as many times as you can. So that you never commit any kind of mistakes in the application process. Otherwise, you can make a call to the nj unemployment phone number shared below.

  • The official website of the unemployment portal of nj is www.njuifile.net
  • The latest nj unemployment phone number is (1-888-795-6672)

Download List Of NJ Unemployment Phone Numbers [PDF] – Claim Weekly Benefits

   NJUIFILE Phone Numbers

You can download the complete list of official phone numbers from above. Select the phone number that is associated with your area and make a call to that number. You will get a lot of information from those helpline numbers.

How To File A NJUIFILE Claim on www.njuifile.net Portal?

If you haven’t already claimed your unemployment benefits in new jersey, you can follow the guidelines shared below. In order to be able to claim it successfully, you need to have an account on the portal.

Check out the steps to register as a new user at the portal.

1. New User Registration – ACCOUNT CREATION

  • Firstly, open up the official website of the portal with a following url www.njuifile.net.
  • It will now take you to the updated url of the portal, ie., www.myunemployment.nj.gov.
  • Hit “New users register here” option besides FILE A CLAIM section.

njuifile register new unemployee

  • Enter the email address of your own and hit “SEND”.
  • Now, you will receive a validation link to the email address that yo have entered above.
  • Open the email account and click the link that you have received from Division Of Unemployment Insurance NJ.
  • That will now confirm your account creation at NJUIFILE Portal.
  • Provide basic information about yourself if prompted and save your profile.

2. Existing Users Login – NJUIFILE LOGIN

  • Open Google Chrome browser or Safari on your PC or Smartphone.
  • Type www.njuifile.net in the url bar and hit enter to land on the official nj employment insurance portal page.
  • Hit “Existing users log in here” button now.

njuifile login

  • Enter the email address that you have used at the time of the registration process.
  • Type in the password that you have chosen at the time of account creation.
  • Hit “LOG IN” button to be able to successfully log into the portal.

This is how you can actually log into NJUIFILE online either on phone or pc. Please make sure to keep the login details safe and do not share them with anyone else.

How To Check NJUIFILE Claim Status & Get 1099-G?

  • Go to https://myunemployment.nj.gov using any web browser on your pc or phone.
  • Hit “Check Claim” option which is available besides ALREADY FILED? section.
  • It will take you to the New Jersey Division of Unemployment Insurance portal page.

njufile unemployment insurance claim status

  • Enter the 9 digit Social Security Number (SSN) without spaces and hyphens.
  • Enter the data of birth in correct format.
  • Type in your Email ID that you have used for account creation. Do not give another email id because it may mismatch at the time of verification.
  • Enter your first name and last name without any spelling mistakes.
  • Confirm the SSN, DOB, Email ID: retype those details in the fields besides individual sections.
  • Hit “Enter” option to get the NJ Unemployment Insurance Claim Status from the official web portal.

Also Check:

How To Check Www.njuifile.com Claim Weekly Benefits & Rewards?

  • Open this link on your smartphone or personal computer.
  • You will land on the latest schedule for certifying for benefits (as of the data of recent update).
  • Scroll down a bit until you see something like the image shared below.

www.njuifile.com login

  • Check your SSN number and go to the suitable category get the details.

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NJUIFILE is completely meant for people who lost their jobs for valid reasons. You can go through the article shared above to understand the eligibility criteria and other important information. Kindly notice that the old url njuifile.net is still working. It will take you to the new url where you can register or login to the portal. Leave your comments below this article if you have any questions.

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