How Do You Pay For A Ticket If You Lost It In New Jersey?

You can pay your parking ticket in New Jersey at generally, which is easy and convenient. But what if you lost your parking ticket? don’t worry, we have discussed everything that you need to understand and follow in order to get back to your lost ticket in NJ.

If your parking ticket is missing or you don’t have a parking ticket with you but you wanted to clear the points on your license, it’s recommended to contact the NJ Municipal Court.

Yes, you need to contact the Municipal Court in New Jersey where your ticket was actually issued. Here is how you can actually do that.

How To Contact Municipal Court Of New Jersey

Everyone who needs help with the judicial system can contact municipal courts where all cases will get judgments and every single issue will be solved in no time.

If you have any issue with motor vehicle, parking ticket or driving license, you may contact the municipal court and it’s hassle free.

  • Go to or tap here to go to the official web portal.

nj municipal court for lost parking ticket

  • Type “ticket” in the field “Search for:” get the details.

This is how you can actually contact the nj municipal court online if you have lost your parking ticket. Otherwise, you can make a phone call to the toll free number mentioned below.


Dial the number from your registered phone number and report that you have lost your parking ticket. You will get instructions what you have to do further.

That’s it! you can now contact the NJ Municipal Court directly and resolve the issue in minutes. But please note that the phone line works only in working hours/days of the court.

It is highly important to contact the municipal court as soon as possible, otherwise you may have to accept the surcharge points on your driving license.

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