Do I Have To Pay Surcharges If I Move Out Of New Jersey?

If you have been surcharged in New Jersey but you are thinking to move out of NJ to any other state in the United States Of America. Then, you may have got a little doubt “Do I have to pay surcharges if I move out of New Jersey?”. Don’t worry, we have come up with a detailed information to fix your doubt and provide you the solution to your problem.

Since, you are currently in New Jersey and you have been surcharged for whatever reasons, you need to pay those surcharges in order to continue your driving license in NJ, this is mandatory.

On the other hand, you need to pay the surcharges in NJ even if you are thinking to move out. If you haven’t cleared the surcharge points/fines on your driving license in NJ, you won’t get a new driving license and you can’t either renew your license out of NJ.

You Need To Pay Surcharges Either You Move Out or Stay In NJ

Finally, you will have to pay the surcharges that are on your licence that you have got due to violation points.

nj surcharge points violation

You can’t escape from paying the surcharges in NJ or other states. Moreover, you are responsible for the consequences out not clearing surcharges. So, it’s better to Pay NJ Surcharge on time without missing (or) escaping.

Note: Other states will not issue a driving license since they will inspect your past data like pending surcharges and fines paid earlier.

If you have no idea how NJ Surcharge points gets added to your license plate, you may check what we have explained below.

You can stay away from all these confusions and issues by paying out the parking tickets and traffic fines time to time at NJMCDirect Portal, otherwise you can Plead Not Guilty for Surcharge Points in NJ Court.

How Surcharge for Violation Points Calculated?

Surcharge calculations can be confusing for many of us, but not anymore. Check out the detailed information that you may be looking for, to understand how it is imposed on your license in a span of 3 years for example.

For Example:

  • You have received 4 violation points in one year (1st year) – There is no surcharge for this year.
  • You have received 2 violation points in next year (2nd year) and the total surcharge points that you have are 6 points. – Surcharge of $150 is applicable on your driving license.
  • For third year,
    • 4 point violation is 2 years old.
    • 2 point violation is 1 year old.

In third year, if not paid those surcharges, there are still 6 surcharge points are there and you have to pay another $150.

  • In Year 4,
    • 4 point violation is 3 years old and it is no longer counted.
    • 2 point violation is 2 years old and you are not eligible for surcharges this year.

This is how the surcharge system works. If you have received another 4 additional surcharge points in that year or in the next year, you are eligible for $150 surcharge. If your license is expired or suspended, you can get it back or renew it by following the detailed guide to Restore Suspended NJ License.

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