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If you have been charged for no reason and wants to fight for the same in New Jersey Court, this guide will help you by sharing the complete details. It happens to many people everyday and you may Plead Not Guilty at NJMCDirect and fight legally to save yourself from unnecessary fines and issues, you can do that.

So, if you have a got a parking ticket or traffic fine in New Jersey, you may either Pay NJ Ticket at NJMCDirect Portal or you can Plead Not Guilty for the violation. We have discussed the later one in detail for you, in this article.

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This method is actually not suggested for people who really committed the violation, they are suggested to make fine payments genuinely.

For people, those who have been repeatedly charging even if you are not driving your vehicle for a long time, you need to consider few things before appealing in the court.

Possible Reasons Could Be…

  • You might have sold your car or any other vehicle to somebody else and they might be doing it on behalf of you. So, always check with the vehicle registration if the vehicle’s license plate number is still on your name or not.
  • In some cases, any one of your family members of friends might have taken it to that scenario.
  • Possible technical errors but there are a very less number of chances.
  • Check with your vehicle’s insurance policy details such as expiration date and times. Driving a vehicle without valid insurance policy is not allowed at all.
  • Check with your driving license, renew it if expired without your notice. You may follow the step by step instructions we have written to Renew NJ License.
  • You may not remember what happened exactly.

So, every time you commit a nj violation, you will be charged certain number of points depending upon the type of offense.

Pro Tip: If you have already got some points on your Driving License and wants to avoid further points and save cancellation of your DL, you can plead not guilty at nj courts.

NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty | Complete Details

Fighting your ticket in the court will decide whether you are guilty for the nj traffic violation or not. Decision could be anything depending upon various factors and you won’t have control on the decision at all.

You may feel happy if the court’s decision is in favor with you. Otherwise, you must pay for the violation at nj portal or at court.

plead not guilty for careless driving

Failing to pay traffic fines even after you plead guilty for the nj traffic violation, you may have to face serious consequences. You may find complete details about NJSurcharge to know more about the charges and fines.

  • Always check your traffic ticket and understand why you have got the ticket.
  • Do not try to escape from appearing in the court before the due date. Else, you may have to go through serious problems imposed by NJ Court.
  • You may call the NJ Court Clerk if you have any doubts regarding your traffic ticket but make sure to reach them in the working hours only.
  • Try to talk to the prosecutor and see if there is any chances of slashing down the points imposed on your ticket from the original points you have been actually charged.
  • Hiring a lawyer is actually a great idea if you are not sure how to plead not guilty at nj court.

You can find the complete details here in pdf issued by the NJ Government itself. Otherwise, you may leave your comments below for further help and get your doubts cleared as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I plead not guilty to a ticket in NJ?

You need to contact the court and say that you are pleading “not guilty”. Note down the appearance date on your nj ticket and don’t skip attending in the court for pleading not guilty for your nj traffic ticket.

2. Can a judge dismiss a ticket?

There are chances that the judge will dismiss the citation when you appear with your ticket in court and the officer is a no show. Meaning that you won the ticket and you don’t have to pay any fines for that instance. It may not happen all the time, so drive carefully.

3. Is it worth fighting a speeding ticket in NJ?

Hire a lawyer and try your luck but there is no guarantee in most of the cases. But you may expect the negotiation for a smaller violation from lawyer.

But wait and think before fighting for the careless driving and other stuff. Try to avoid careless driving next time if you really did that. It saves many lives and your’s could also be saved by somebody else.

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