How Many Points Is Speeding Ticket In New Jersey?

Fine for a speeding ticket will be assessed when a driver exceeds the speeding limit. The speeding ticket fine varies from $85 to $260 and it depends on how far it goes over the maximum speeding limit.

On the other hand, a driver who challenges their speeding ticket in court must pay a fee of $34 dollars. But there is no guarantee that he is going to get a positive response back from NJ Court until and unless his version is right.

Speed Over Limit, Fines & Points In New Jersey

See, if you are looking for the detailed information on nj speeding ticket fines, you can get them below.

surcharge points for speeding ticket

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Speed Over The LimitNJ FineNJ Points
1-9 mph$852
10-14 mph$952
15-19 mph$1054
20-24 mph$2004
25-29 mph$2204
30-34 mph$2405
35-39 mph$2695

If a driver gets 6 or more points for a NJ Speeding Ticket depends of various factors such as driver speed and other traffic violations, he should pay a surcharge.

Surcharge is actually the additional fine on top of the actual fine on your driving license. New Jersey surcharge system will cost you $150 plus $25 for each point over the six points. You may check out the detailed information on NJ Surcharge get to know the fee pay details as well.

Can I Plead No Contest to A NJ Speeding Ticket?

Most of the states in US allow the drivers to plead no contest to their traffic tickets and avoid serious consequences.

Sadly, NJ does not offer that option and every driver must admit the guilt for the traffic violation. But you can plead not guilty to a parking ticket or surcharge, otherwise accept the quote from the prosecution.

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Hire An Attorney to Fight A New Jersey Speeding Ticket

To some reckless drivers in NJ, the speeding ticket may go beyond hundreds or thousands of dollar with the combination of Traffic Fines, Surcharges, Expired Insurance, etc.

In such cases, hiring an attorney will help reduce the traffic ticket fines. You may also hire an attorney if you don’t find yourself having adequate time to appear in court.

If the traffic ticket fee is lesser amount and you want to pay it on time to avoid surcharge points and extra fines, you may log on to NJMCDirect Portal to pay the fee.

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