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Uinteract is the Missouri Unemployment Portal where residents of Missouri can apply for MO Unemployment Insurance. If you are looking for help regarding account creation, login and file your mo unemployment claim and file weekly payment requests, you should read this guide.

Unemployment in Missouri is one of the biggest problems of the state. Missouri government have taken proper measures to completely solve the issue with unemployment insurance.

All eligible unemployed people of missouri state can apply for the program and get a chance receive the benefits.

Complete Information About Uinteract Missouri Unemployment

MO Unemployment Claims can be processed at uninteract.labor.mo.gov website. Everyone will have the opportunity to get the unemployment benefits from the government.

labor.mo.gov login

The selection process for mo unemployment benefits is very strict. You will have to follow certain rules and carry forward the prerequisites in order to be able to receive the benefits.

Once the details are validated based on the selection process, you will get paid certain amount weekly. You can also request the weekly payments on Uinteract Login Portal if not processed automatically.

Requirements Of Missouri Unemployment Application

If you want to claim mo unemployment benefits on uinteract portal, you should be ready with the following requirements.

  • You should not be a currently working employee.
  • Your social security number is highly necessary. Without a valid SSN number, you cannot go forward.
  • Total earnings of the recent week when you were working. You have to report the earnings before taxes and deductions. Moreover, you need to provide the details even if not paid in that week.
  • Name, Email ID and Mailing Address details should be correct.
  • You should have the details of the previously worked company. Which includes but not limited to the company name, address, dates of past employment, etc.
  • Banking information is required including the Routing Number, Swift Code, etc.

If you are ready with all of them, you may go ahead for uinteract mo unemployment login process shared below.

How To Setup Uinteract Account at Missouri Unemployment Website?

In order to be able to apply for the unemployment benefits in the state of missouri, you must have uinteract account. Follow the instructions for a new account creation and setup process.

  • Visit https://uinteract.labor.mo.gov/ website on your computer or mobile phone.
  • You will see the home page of the portal with all necessary information.

uinteract signup

  • Scroll down and click “Don’t have an account? Create one.” option to start the uinteract signup process.
  • Now, you will see various options as shown in the image below.

uinteract account signup

  • Select the first option “I want to file an unemployment claim or view my claim information” and hit “Next” button.
  • Now, you will see unemployment mo user signup form with various empty fields. Check below image for clear understanding of the procedure.

uinteract missouri unemployment login

  • Fill in all the fields without missing any of them.
  • Enter full digits of your Social Security Number in the first field and confirm the SSN by retyping in the second field.
  • Enter you First Name and Last Name including the Middle Initial.
  • Select the Suffix and choose the Date Of Birth from the drop down calendar menu.
  • Prove that you are not a robot and hit “Next” button to go to the next page.
  • Now, you will see the registration successful message on the screen.

signup for uinteract

That’s it, now you need to confirm the uinteract signup process. In order to verify the details, you should log into the portal.

Uinteract Login Process – Instructions

  • Go to missouri unemployment login page by clicking this link. You will see that the portal page loads up directly from this page.
  • Please wait while the page is loading, scroll down to see the contents of the page.

uinteract login

  • Enter the User ID and Password in their respective fields.
  • Solve the reCAPTCHA puzzle without missing.
  • Hit “LOGIN” button to log into claim missouri unemployment at the portal.

This is how you can actually log into the portal. Don’t forget to save the user id and password of the portal.

How To File Unemployment Claim In Missouri at uinteract.labor.mo.gov

I guess, you are already logged into the portal. If not, follow the tips shared above to log into the portal.

  • Go to “File Unemployment Claim” option which is available under Unemployment Claim menu.

file uinteract unemployment claim in missouri

  • Upon clicking the link, you will be able to see some information about claim filing notification.
  • Go through the contents and understand the points clearly before claiming your unemployment benefits.
  • Hit “Next” button once you finish reading the on-screen tips.
  • Once you finish that step, you will receive the confirmation of your unemployment claim.

uinteract claim confirmation

This is how you can claim uinteract unemployment insurance in missouri at the official web portal.

How To File Weekly Unemployment Claim at Uinteract Login Portal?

It is important to file weekly requests for the payments on the portal. Here is a set of instructions that you need to follow.

  • Login to uninteract mo unemployment portal by following the above steps.
  • You will see all the options inside the portal.

file weekly requests for payments on uninteract portal

  • Go to “Weekly Requests for Payment” section from the mega menu.
  • Hit “File Weekly Requests for Payments” option to start the actual process.

uinteract weekly payment request

  • Select the country and the date of plan to return from available fields.
  • Hit “Next” to submit the weekly payment requests form at the portal.

u interact missouri confirmation

  • You will see the confirmation screen with the details, take a screenshot of the window for reference.

It is necessary to file weekly payment requests every weekend. You can file the same for the week that you filed for the unemployment. For any kind of questions or doubts, you can contact the support team.

Also Check:

Uinteract Phone Numbers – Help Desk Contact Details

If you have any doubts or trouble with signup, sing in or claiming unemployment benefits, contact the support team.

  • Jefferson City – (573) 751-9040
  • Kansan City – (816) 889-3101
  • Springfield – (417) 895-6851
  • St. Louis – (314) 340-4950
  • Outside Local Areas – (800) 320-2519

All the above phone numbers are toll free numbers. You can make calls to any of the above numbers based on your region. Make sure to provide all necessary details for your account confirmation to get help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I receive missouri unemployment benefits?

Payments will take 22 days of minimum time period after your initial claim. You need to understand the fact that you are going to receive payments only if you are eligible and there are no issues.

2. Do I need to file weekly payment requests every week?

Yes, you need to file weekly payment requests every week to receive the benefits. You can request weekly payments even if you haven’t received your first week benefits.

3. Why my missouri benefits are delaying?

In some cases, payment may get delayed if there are any issues with your application. Please wait for sometime to receive the benefits if you are eligible.

4. Do my unemployment benefits subject to federal and state income taxes?

Yes, they are subject to the federal and state income taxes and there won’t be any change in it. But you will have the opportunity to choose whether to withheld taxes from your benefits or not at the time of your first claim.

5. Can I use missouri access mastercard for benefits payments?

Yes, you can use it. Visit https://mo-access.com or call the phone number available at the back of the card for assistance.


Now, you can make use of the Uinteract portal for unemployment benefits. We have shared complete information about account creation, login process, etc. Kindly go through the tips shared for filing your initial missouri unemployment benefits and weekly payment requests. Contact customer care phone numbers for any kind of help. Otherwise, you may comment below this article to get help from our experts.

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