Global.Subway – Subway Listens Survey @ is the official subway survey portal for customer feedback. The global.subway survey is available at website. All the subway customers can participate in the survey to receive a free cookie or a fountain drink.

In this article, we have shared complete information about global subway survey. By following the instructions we have provided on this page will help you go through the survey.

www subwaylistens com survey

Stick to this article till the end to be able to answer all the survey questions and receive subwaylistens survey validation code. With that code, you can enjoy free cookies and beverages in your next visit to the subway outlet.

What Is Survey?

The entire survey is all about collecting the customer feedback. Collection of the user feedback includes the quality and taste of the food, order time, ambience of the restaurant and much more.

Subway restaurant will collect and analyze global.subway survey feedback. The subway company always strives to provide the best possible experience to their customers.

As part of improving customer satisfaction, they want to know the individual opinions of their customers through this survey.

The global subway survey was previously available at The entire survey portal is then moved to website from the year 2017.

Currently Working Website Addresses for subway survey:

  • – Currently Working Web Portal

First url in the above list is the latest web address of the portal. You can either use that portal address or below web addresses to go to the web survey.

The second and third web address are using 301 permanent redirection to the new web address (first web address).

Rules & Regulations Of Survey

  • The participant of the survey must be a legal resident of United States.
  • The participant of the subway survey should be at least 18 years old.
  • Most importantly, the person who loves to participate in the survey must purchase some food or beverages prior to the survey.
  • He or She must participate in the subwaylistens survey within 5 days from their purchase date.
  • Absolutely no limits on the number times you take survey in a month. But you need to provide a fresh global subway survey code each time.
  • Valid email id is a must in order to be able to start the survey.

How To Start Global.Subway Survey in 2021?

Global.Subway survey is completely different from the surveys of the other restaurants. Here, you need to first register yourself for the online survey. You should enter your email id, first name, second name and accept the terms of use and privacy statement.

  • Visit website from your android phone or iPhone or personal computer.
  • Once the page is completely loaded, you will see some basic information about the survey.


  • Enter the Email ID and retype the Email Address in the first and second fields.
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name.
  • Hit “Begin Survey” in order to start the web survey at

Now, it’s time to get into the actual survey process. Let’s check out the instructions that you may need.

How To Participate In Survey Online?

It is very important to register yourself with your email and name. If you haven’t registered, kindly check the above instructions for that.

  • Open up any web browser on your phone or pc.
  • Go to official website using the web browser.
  • You will see that the url that you have entered is getting redirected to
  • Nothing to worry, it’s common because the portal address is updated.
  • Put in all necessary details such as your email address and name to start the survey.
  • Now, you need to enter the store number that you can find on your sale receipt.

global.subway com

  • Choose the date of purchase from your purchase bill. Kindly understand the fact that purchase made within 5 days are only valid.
  • Select the time of your purchase from the drop down menu.
  • Select the minutes of your purchase that can be found on the bill receipt.
  • Enter the transaction id and hit “Next” button to go to the next step.

www global subway com

  • Now, you should choose your likelihood to recommend subway to your family members or friends from a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Select your answers to the questions that you see on screen from the options; not satisfied, neutral, satisfied.
  • Write down your comments in the text box that you see below the questions about taste, quality of food and speed of the service, experience with staff.
  • Finish your comments within 500 characters and hit “Next”.
  • Now, you will receive the offer code along with the expiry date.

subway survey online

  • Write down the global.subway survey code on your bill receipt.

That’s it, you have just answered a very few questions in the survey. It takes not more than a minute of your time.

How To Get Free Fountain Drink Or A Cookie at Subway?

I hope you have successfully finished the online survey. Then you mush have received an offer code at the end of the survey process.

Take a pen and your purchase bill together. Write down the subway offer code either at front side or at back side of the bill receipt.

global subway feedback survey offer code

Observe the above demo image for writing the offer code on the bill. You don’t have to write the offer code twice as shown in the above image. Write down the code once and it’s enough.

Keep that bill safely and you should not miss the bill because screenshot or a photo of the bill is not acceptable at the store.

Make sure to visit subway restaurant before the offer code expiry date. Provide this bill at the counter before the billing is actually generated.

Based on the current offer at store, you may receive a free fountain drink or a cookie. You will also get some gifts or freshly baked meal or egg muffins for free occasionally.

Global Subway Listens Survey Questionnaire

Check out the survey questions website.

  1. Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend Subway restaurants to your family or friends?
  2. How satisfied were you with your recent visit in the following areas?
    1. Taste/Quality of the meals
    2. Speed of service
    3. Experience with staff
    4. Cleanliness of restaurant
  3. Please tell us more about your experience.

Those are a very basic questions that you get in the subway customer feedback survey.

Global.Subway Survey Customer Care – Help Desk

If you need a hand while taking the survey, you can contact the customer care.

Use any of the above details to reach out to them for help. The phone number is toll free and it is available 24×7 for their customers.

You can send an email if you have any issue that can be best describe with images and incident photos.

For instant help from the technical team, tweet them on their twitter handle. But for any unresolved issues, you can go to their contact us page and fill out the form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I get for subway survey?

Customers with a valid offer code can enjoy a free cookie or a fountain drink. Some times, they may get additional food such as flat bread, whopper sandwich, meal for free.

2. How to get text updates about subway offers?

You can subscribe to subway text alerts to receive offers regularly. To subscribe, type OFFERS and send that message to 782929. Subway will send you text alerts about the offers directly to your mobile number.

3. Is Subway food items different in other countries?

No! subway food items aka menu are same everywhere but based on the availability, some items may not be available. But you can see the differences in prices of the food items from country to country.

4. Can I get a free cookie from subway without survey code?

No! it is not possible to get a free cookie or a cool drink without having a valid offer code.


The subwaylistens survey is available online at portal. Don’t worry if the web portal address changes upon opening the mentioned address. Kindly, follow the instructions available on this page in order to receive subway offer code. Place your opinion about the content available on this page in the comments below.

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