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My Bridgestone is the employee login portal for world wide bridgestone employees. It is clearly seen that the old url is no more active but it is still accessible. In this article, we will discuss about the all new My Bridgestone Login Portal with complete details.

Bridgestone is one of the top most tire manufacturing and retailing companies in the world. They have immense popularity in automotive field as they provide quality tyre products. They are the best in terms of treating their employees and giving them additional perks.

Bridgestone has an employee portal known as MyBridgestone. Official URL of the portal is From June 2020, bridestone’s portal is upgraded and available on that web address.

What’s The Importance Of MyBridgestone Employee Portal?

This is an end to end secured and encrypted portal where entry is limited to employees of bridgestone only. All the employees of the company will have the User ID and Password.

By using those login credentials, they can log into my bridgestone employee portal anytime and anywhere.


Bridgestone employees will be able to receive all the important information, news and updates regarding their company and their role.

Moreover, employees can mange their work profile like never before. They made it everything paperless; employees can write to HR or administrators if they want to take leave.

The biggest advantage of having access to MyBridgestone Login Portal is, employees can view or download their paystub and w2 for tax purposes.

Is MyHR.BFUSA.Com Still Active?

No, it is not active now. Bridgestone employee benefits or other stuff cannot be found on that URL. Employees of bridgestone may not need to use that URL because the web address was changed in June, 2020.

In fact, you will be able to read some information about this change on the portal’s home page. You can also see the latest web address of the portal that we are talking about.

What’s New In

I got this doubt when I first came to know about the web address change of bridestone employee portal. I have tried to open up the new url of the portal and noted down some key points. You can check the advantages of the new portal below.

  • Great for the employees well being.
  • Employees can log into portal with multiple sign in options such as, via GitHub, Windows Hello, Security Key.
  • Loads faster and delivers the content or information faster.
  • Everything related to employees can be accessed from the portal.
  • Employees can now view their paystub/w-2 information online.
  • Sync their worksheets from Microsoft One Drive to Portal or vice versa.
  • Multiple employee tools are available for their employees.

Most of the above mentioned features were not available in the old portal. By using the new portal, bridgestone employees can now get access to all the tools, information like never before.

MyBridgeStone Login for Employees & Retirees

  • Visit on your computer or mobile phone with the help of any web browser.

mybridgestone login

  • You will see the login page as shown in the picture above.
  • Type in the bridestone employee user name and password.
  • Hit “Login” button to log into the portal if it is not redirected to
  • If you want to use the external login process, you can hit that “Use External Login” option.
  • That will take you to the

my bridgestone login

  • Type the Email ID or Phone Number or Skype ID in the first field.
  • Hit “Next” button to go to the page where you have to enter the password.
  • The email id or whatever you have entered will be validated now. Once it is verified by microsoft, it will take you another page where you have to type in the password. login

  • Hit […] Password option to enter the password that is associated with bridgestone employee profile.
  • Otherwise, you can use the alternative sing in method available on the portal.
  • Hit “Sign in with PIN or Smart Card” option now.
  • If you have chosen the second option, you need to enter the PIN number that you have set for the employee portal.

If you don’t remember the PIN (personal identification number), you can contact My Bridgestone HR Team for the details.

How To Reset My Bridestone Forgot Password?

  • Visit official website and please wait while the page is getting loaded.
  • Once you land successfully on the login page, you will see the option to reset the password.

restore mybridgestone employee password

  • Hit “Can’t access your account?” option to explore the password resetting options.

my bridgestone employee portal

  • Just choose the account type from the available options. Pick either “Work or School account” or “Personal Account”.
  • We recommend you pick the first option because you were an employee that comes under “Work” category.

mybridgestone com login

  • Enter the Email ID or Username. Enter the username dawidm*** if your email id of the employee portal ends with (
  • Type in the characters and numbers that you see in the image.
  • Hit “Next” button to receive the forward reset link or code to your phone number.

Once you are all set with your new password, you can go back to the login page. Enter the username and your new password to log into the portal.

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My Bridgestone Employee Benefits Overview

As mentioned earlier in this article, there is no separate portals available for individual tasks. Everything can be access inside a single portal.

  • Log into the portal by following the tips mentioned above to check them right from the employee portal itself.
  • Otherwise, you can go to website on any of your devices.

bridgestone employee benefits

  • Enter your User ID and Password in the indicated fields.
  • Hit “Sign In” button to land on the bridgestone employee benefits portal.

Now you will be able to go see all the current employee benefits and bridgestone retiree benefits.

Check some of the benefits that you are going to get from bridgestone.

1. Professional Benefits

  • Online Courses & Job Training Programs
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Communication Skills Development Programs

2. Vacation & Paid Time Off

  • Vacation Leaves
  • Paid Leaves
  • Paid Time Off Benefits
  • Sick Leave
  • Pregnancy Leave
  • Bereavement Leaves

3. Parenting & Family Benefits

  • Work From Home Opportunities
  • Child Care Benefits
  • Unpaid Extended Leaves

4. Financial & Retirement Benefits

  • 401K
  • Pension Plans
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Equity and Stock Options

5. Health & Wellness Benefits

  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Disability Insurance
  • Vision & Dental Insurance
  • Health Care Insurances

MyHR BFUSA Login [My Bridgestone] Requirements & Rules

Portal login is highly restricted to people other than the employees of bridgestone. Check what are the requirements and rules that must be followed.

  • Username and Password should not mismatch with each other.
  • Multiple failed logins could lead to HR consultation.
  • Good internet connection is required.
  • Portal should be accessed only by the employees and logged in dashboard shouldn’t be handled by family members or friends of him/her.
  • A PC or Mobile phone is required for the online access of the employee portal.

My Bridgestone Employee Support – Contact Details

We have shared the contact details of the technical team and HR department. You can contact them in the working hours to resolve your bridgestone employee login problems or other errors.

  • Toll Free Phone Number – (855) 873-6947
  • Corporate Head Quarters Details
    • 200 4th Avenue S,
    • Nashville, TN 37201,
    • Help Desk Phone Number – 615-937-1000
    • Fax – 615-937-3621
  • Bridgestone Official Contact Page – Contact Bridgestone US

Those are the contact details of bridgestone and you can contact them anytime. Moreover, you need to verify your identity before getting solutions to your queries. Make a call from your phone number to avoid identity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bridgestone A Good Company To Work For?

Definitely Yes, they offer a lot of employee benefits and additional perks to all their employees. It is good from the point of view of “Pay” to it’s employees as well.

2. Is My Bridgestone App Available?

No, the mobile app for employees is not yet available. All the employees and retirees should use the web version of the portal.

3. Where To Get Bridgestone Employee Support? is the page where employees can get support related to login and benefits.


Mybridgestone is an all new login portal for all the current employees. Of course, Retirees can also use their login credentials to log into the benefits portal. It is such a wonderful portal where all the employees can access their work profile, benefits, news and updates.

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