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Stick to this article till the end to be able to win free entree. Presenting the feedback survey validation code will make you eligible for panda free entree.

Complete Information About Panda Express Survey

Panda Express is a chinese restaurant serving fast food, breakfast and other food items in over 2,200 locations around the globe.

In order to understand the customers opinion about the food and service, panda express has started a survey. Panda express started collecting customer feedback for more than a decade at

Upon successful completion of panda express feedback survey, customers will get a survey validation code.

Customers have to write down the panda express validation code at the back of their sale receipt. They have to present the validation code written bill in their next visit to panda express restaurant.

Upon submitting their survey validation code, customer will be eligible for a free entree on their next bill.

Purpose Of Panda Express Feedback

Customer feedback is very important for any company especially for a company like Panda Express.

They will use this customer feedback to improve the quality of food and service. Also, they will use this feedback to train their employees.

Panda express believe that they can expand their business and grab more customers if they can fix problems with service, food, beverages, ambience and staff behavior.

Moreover, panda express can receive returning customers by giving survey rewards to their customers.

Prerequisites & Rules Of PandaExpress/Feedback

If you have been to panda express outlet recently, you can take the survey. But you need check out the rules and requirements of the survey.

  • The person who is participating in the panda feedback survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a valid survey code printed on the sale receipt.
  • You should purchase food or beverages at panda express outlet to get the sale receipt.
  • The participant can take the survey unlimited times but with a valid bill every time.
  • The pandaexpress/feedback should be taken within 2 days or 48 hours of the bill purchase time and date.
  • A participant cannot use the bill which is expired for the survey.
  • Internet connected smartphone or pc is required to participate in the online survey.
  • He or She must share their genuine feedback about meals, beverages, staff behavior, prices of the food, cleanliness of the outlet and responsiveness of the order.

How To Take Survey Online?

It is quite easy to participate in the survey because you don’t need to be a technical expert. But you should have basic understanding of English or Spanish (Espanol) language.

  • Enter the 22 digit panda express survey code present on the sale receipt that you have.
  • Hit “Start” button to start the survey questions.
  • Now, you will see the survey questions one by one. The first question is all about your overall satisfaction with your panda express experience. feedback

  • Choose your answer and hit “Next” button to receive the next question.

pandaexpress feedback

  • Choose your satisfaction levels to the questions present on the screen.
  • Provide answers to all the questions one by one and please make sure to be genuine with your answers.
  • At the end of the survey, you should answer the questions about your gender, age, annual household income and your background.

panda express feedback

  • Select your answers from the drop down menus and hit “Next” button.
  • Now, you will receive the redemption code from the feedback survey.

pandaexpress com feedback

  • Write down the redemption code that you see on your device screen at the back of the panda express bill receipt.

Don’t forget to keep the bill receipt safely in order to present it in your next panda express outlet visit.

How To Take www.PandaExpress/Feedback Survey Over Phone?

If you don’t have internet connection, you can participate in the survey over phone call. Follow the step by step instructions shared below for the participation of the survey.

  • Make a call to the toll free phone number – 1-800-877-8988 from your phone number.
  • You will listen a welcome tone from panda express.
  • Kindly answer the questions one by one based on your panda express experience.
  • Once you finish answering the survey questions, the tele caller from panda express customer survey will provide you the validation code.
  • Kindly write down that validation code at the back of the panda express bill receipt.
  • Submit that bill in panda express outlet in you next meal order to get the rewards.

This is an alternative method of participating in the survey. It is requested to use the online method because that is more reliable method an you can cross check the questions with care.

Panda Survey Questions Overview

Is it first time you are participating in the panda express customer feedback survey? let’s check out the questions then.

  1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your visit to panda express restaurant
  2. Please rate your satisfaction with
    1. The ease of placing your order
    2. The taste of your food
    3. Portion size your received
    4. The temperature of your food
    5. The availability of menu items
    6. Friendliness of the team members
  3. Please rate your satisfaction with
    1. The accuracy of your order
    2. The overall cleanliness of this panda express restaurant
    3. Speed of the service
    4. The overall value for the price you paid
  4. Did you have a problem during your experience?
  5. Based on this visit, what is the likelihood that you will
    1. Recommend this panda express to others in the next 30 days
    2. Return to this panda express in the next 30 days
  6. Please tell us in three or more sentences why you were highly satisfied with your panda express experience.
  7. Including this visit, how many times have you visited this panda express in the past 30 days?
  8. The final questions are for classification purposes only
    1. Please select your gender
    2. Please select your age
    3. Select your annual household income
    4. Please select which of the following best describes your background

By answering all the questions shared above, you will be able to get the survey validation code. If you have any doubts regarding the survey or the questionnaire, get help from the help desk.

Also Check:

Panda Express/Feedback Customer Care Details – Help Desk

The below numbers are toll completely toll free. Make sure to contact these phone numbers related to survey only. You cannot get help about panda express menu, prices and availability of the food.

  • Toll Free Phone Number One – 1-800-877-8988
  • Toll Free Phone Number Two – 626-799-9898

How To Use page:

  • Visit feedback panda express contact us page from this link.
  • Hit “General Enquiry” sub menu from the contact us page.
  • Then, select “Guest Survey” option from the available options under general enquiry.

panda feedback survey support

  • Write down your comments within 1000 characters.
  • Enter the order number.
  • Enable “I would like to get a response” option.
  • Fill in your first name, last name, email id and phone number.
  • Hit “Send” button to send your comments including the contact details.

Panda survey technical team will validate your order number and sends you their response via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get free entree?

Visit any nearby panda express outlet and purchase something. Keep that bill safe and participate in the online survey using the 22 digit survey code. At the end of the survey, you will receive a redemption code for a panda free entree.

2. How to take survey panda express?

There are two methods for the participation of the survey namely web survey, through phone. You will have to visit to participate in the web survey. Whereas, you should make a call to 888-51-PANDA(72632) within 48 hours to complete the survey on a phone call.

3. What to do if I don’t have a 22-digit code on my receipt?

Go to this page on your phone or pc as a fist step. Enter the store number, date and time of the purchase and type in the order number and hit “Start” button. That will start the survey even if you don’t have a panda express feedback survey code.

4. How does panda express free entree work?

Visit the panda customer feedback survey page and finish the web survey. Write that validation code on the bill receipt without any mistakes. Give that bill in the billing counter to be able to get free entree to panda express meal.


I hope you have got some great information about survey with this article. Go through the set of survey questions that we have shared on this page before you start the survey. Follow the instructions carefully to be able to get a free entree to panda express restaurant.

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