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Postalexperience Survey is all about the feedback from the customers for the USPS Postal Service. Customers can log into portal in order to share their feedback regarding the postal service.

In this article, we have shared complete information about Postalexperience survey including survey requirements, rewards, survey process and help desk info, etc.

What Is Postalexpereince Survey?

It is an online questionnaire developed and owned by U.S. Postal Service. The purposes of the survey is to understand the customer experience with their postal service.

https postalexperience com pos

The survey can be found at and all the customers can participate in the survey. Customer feedback will be collected and stored online by the company. They will analyze the feedback received to make changes that improve the customer experience.

As a result of successful participation of postalexperience survey, U.S. Postal service will provide some rewards to all eligible customers.

Postal Experience Survey Rewards

Customers have to go through the survey procedure only if they have used U.S. Postal Service recently. Not everyone is allowed because this is not a site where you do spin and win kind of rewards.

The survey process should be genuine and you will have to answer all the questions asked by the usps questionnaire.

At the end of the postalexperience survey, customers will get a coupon code. They can use this survey code to enter into the usps sweepstakes and enjoy the benefits.

Prerequisites of

Since the survey process is strict, it require some basic things. Let’s check out the requirements mentioned below.

  • The usps guest survey participant must be a resident of United States.
  • The age of the customer who is going to participate in the survey should be at least 18 years old.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is necessary.
  • USPS Employees and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in the usps postal experience survey.
  • USPS Survey User ID and Password must be required. You can find these details from the survey invitation.
  • Coupon code should only be used by the person who took the usps service.
  • A valid email id is a must.
  • A mobile phone or personal computer should be there in order to participate in the postal experience online survey.
  • Active internet connection should be available in order to participate in the survey since the whole process is completely online.

How To Participate In PostalExperience Survey at

There usps guest satisfaction survey are as follows.

  • Visit website on your phone or personal computer. Otherwise, you can simply visit this link to go to the united states postal service survey.


  • Choose the language that is comfortable for you. You can choose either English or Espanol (spanish) from the home screen.
  • Hit “Next” button to go to the next step in the survey process.

postalexperience survey

  • Enter the zip code available on the receipt of the usps service.
  • Hit “Next” option to select the address.

usps service address for the survey

  • The next step is about the usps survey code. You can find the survey code above the date and below the zip code.
  • Enter the guest survey code in the box and hit “Next”.
  • In the next step, you have to enter the date of the transaction. You can find the transaction date from the bill.

postal experience

  • Now, you will get the survey questions one by one. Choose the overall satisfaction from the service and hit “Next”.

united states postal service survey

  • Now, you need to choose the number on which scale you want to recommend it to a fried.

usps guest survey

  • Share your answers to the questions without skipping. But please make sure to be genuine while providing the answers in the questionnaire.

Once the guest satisfaction survey is complete, you will see the screen with postalexperience survey code on the screen. Save the survey code safely in order to redeem the code in your service usage.

PostalExperience Survey Questionnaire

We have seen the step by step instructions in the survey process. But we have not included all the questions above. If you are looking for the questionnaire, you can check them below.

  • Choose the the language from the home page of
  • You will see a welcome screen and basic information about the survey in the next step.
  • Enter the Zip Code.
  • Select the location of the USPS Service Location where you made your recent purchase.
  • Choose the Transaction date from the drop down calendar menu.

Those are the basic steps in the survey process and common for everyone. Now, the actual survey questions will start.

  1. Thinking about this visit to the post office, overall, how satisfied were you?.
  2. Thinking about this visit to the post office, how likely are you to recommend the USPS to a friend or colleague?.
  3. For you, it is most important that a sales associate should be.
      1. Knowledgeable about postal products and services
      2. Work efficiently
      3. Have a positive attitude
      4. Treat you with courtesy
  4. During this visit, how much would you agree that the sales associate (You have to give rating to all the sub questions available below).
      1. Was knowledgeable about postal products and services?
      2. Had a positive attitude?
      3. Worked efficiently?
      4. Treated you with courtesy?
  5. How long did you wait in line for a sales associate?
  6. The amount of time you waited in line was acceptable?
  7. What should this post office do to improve your satisfaction with the service you received? pos survey

At the end of the survey, you will see something like in the image above. Once you see that the browser tab is redirecting, it means that the answers that you have provided to the survey are being validated.

Upon successful validation of the answers, you will receive a postalexperience/pos survey code.

How To Participate In postalexperience/pos Via Phone

If you don’t have technical knowledge of going through the online surveys, you can participate via phone call.

  • Toll Free Survey Participation Number – 1-800-410-7420

Make a call to the above number from the phone number that you have given at the time of billing. Survey agent will start the questionnaire by phone and give you the options as well. You have to pick the options in call based on your personal experience with usps service.

How To Participate In Survey?

If you don’t want to follow all the steps shared above, you have a simple way for the survey. Open camera app on your phone and scan the QR code available on usps bill copy.

postalexperience com pos survey

That will take you to page on mobile. Pick the language and start the survey by answering the questions on your phone.

Also Check:

PostalExperience Customer Support – Help Desk

If you are facing any technical issues with the online survey, contact the help desk. Note down the toll free phone number and the email address of the usps customer satisfaction survey help desk.

  • Guest Survey Help Desk Phone – 1-800-410-7420
  • Customer Service Phone – 1-800-275-8777
  • Mail ID –
  • Survey Website –
  • Official Website –

Overview Of PostalExperience Survey

Let me first clarify about the term “postalExperience” in this section. If you are looking for the usps guest satisfaction survey, you should suppose to use web address.

You cannot use because the web address is incorrect. It will end up loading a blank page if you use the wrong web address.

So, you should always check the url before accessing it. We have shared complete information with full details in this article, go through the steps once.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I leave a review for USPS?

In order to write a review, you must have a valid purchase bill. There is no review system currently available but you can participate in the guest survey. We have clearly presented the tips for usps customer satisfaction survey in this article, you can check it now.

2. Is legit?

Yes, this is the official web portal for the postal experience online survey. Customers of the usps postal service can easily participate in the online survey by using that web portal.

3. What is the reward of Postal Experience Com POS Survey?

Upon a successful participation and completion of the survey, you will get a coupon code. You may use that coupon code in your next purchase valid purchase.

Conclusion is the official url of the united states postal service customer satisfaction survey. There are certain rules and requirements for the participation of the survey. You can check all of them in this article including the step by step instructions of participating in the survey. If you are looking for help regarding the survey, contact help desk or comment below this post.

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