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NJMCDirect is the official portal owned by New Jersey Government. Using which, people can pay their parking tickets and traffic fines online. People of NJ will be able to access, view and pay nj traffic tickets online. Moreover, you can pay Municipal Complaint Time Payment Orders which is recently introduced on NJMC Direct website.

There are many instances in our daily life that we miss traffic rules. May be its’s because of the urgency in a schedule or you are a little hurry to go home. Reason could be anything but traffic violation is strictly not allowed in New Jersey.

Whenever traffic violation is counted, you need to pay the fines assessed by the nj courts at www.njmcdirect.com portal.

Common Reasons For Traffic Ticket or Parking Ticket In NJ

Fines from NJ courts might be imposed on you for various reasons such as,

It’s definitely not easy to pay your traffic ticket (offline). Because you need to stand for a long time in a court queue where you have to compromise your valuable time. In such cases, www.njmcdirect.com is the one and only time saving solution that you have.

What Is NJ Parking Ticket?

Parking a car or any other vehicle in places and areas where parking is not allowed is a crime in NJ. Traffic police will write a parking ticket with your vehicle number plate and attach the same to the widescreen of your vehicle.

He/She must be responsible for the parking ticket. If you are just a drive of the vehicle, the vehicle owner is liable for the violation.

You need to make payments towards parking fines before the due date to avoid serious consequences of non payment.

What Is NJ Traffic Ticket?

Traffic tickets will be issue automatically by the red light violation cameras in most of the cases. Sometimes, traffic police or law enforcement official will issue the traffic ticket which will be delivered to the mailing address of the vehicle owner.

There are certain traffic rules in New Jersey and everyone should follow them. Whenever you don’t follow the rules or you break the traffic rules, you are eligible for a traffic ticket in NJ.

What Is NJMCDirect Portal?

NJMCDirect is a portal especially designed for people of New Jersey for the payments towards traffic tickets and parking tickets. If you have a traffic ticket, you can pay your ticket online at www.njmcdirect.com conveniently. You don’t have to go miles and stand for hours to pay your ticket.

If you have already faced a situation of standing in a big line in front of a court in New Jersey to pay your traffic ticket, you may understand the pain. You need to put up your time and sacrifice important schedules to pay the traffic ticket at nj court.

By using njmc direct portal, you don’t need to go to courts and stand in the queues for a long time. When it comes to njmcdirect payment method, you can easily login to the portal with your license plate number. Choose the bill type from the available options such as “Traffic Ticket” or “Municipal Complaint (Time Payment Order)”.

Don’t worry, we will provide you the complete details about njmcdirect ticket payment in this article.

www.NJMCDirect.com Requirements

NJMCDirect Portal has certain requirements in order to be able to pay your traffic bills, fines and stuff like that. We have provided a checklist that you can check right away. Make sure everything is up and working perfect with your online njmc direct traffic bill payment.

  • NJ Ticket Prefix Code
  • Court ID/Name
  • Traffic Ticket Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
    • American Express Credit Card
    • Any Mastercard which is not expired
    • Any Visa Credit Card which is not expired
  • Access to your Online Banking Account (Optional)
  • Mobile Phone or a Laptop
  • An Active Internet Connection

See, most of the requirements mentioned above are common except first 4 in the list. All those details can be found on Traffic Ticket which is supposed to be imposed on the person who violated the traffic rules.

If you have a NJ Traffic Ticket with you right now, you can find all the details such as NJ Ticket Number, Court ID/Name and Prefix Code, etc.

Please note that you need to make payment before the due date to avoid extra handling charges in the form of late payment fines.

Important Note: You will be able to make payments only after 4 days of the bill generation date and time.

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How To Pay NJ Ticket Online at NJMCDirect Portal?

We have provided the step by step instructions which will help you pay your traffic ticket bill online.

   Go To NJMC Payment Portal

  • Go to www.njmcdirect.com on your phone or a desktop manually by using any web browser.
  • Select “Traffic Ticket” option as a next step which is very important.


  • Enter the details such as Court ID/Name, Prefix, Ticket Number, License Plate Number from the njmc direct ticket bill copy that you currently have.

njmcdirect traffic ticket

  • You can find all those details from the ticket as shown above.
  • Tap “Search” after entering all necessary information as mentioned above to find out your bill.
  • Now you will be navigated to the njmcdirect payment page where you can use your debit card or credit card for payment. Or, you may use any other online payment options such as UPI, Online Banking or PayPal.

Your license may get suspended if you fail to pay for the nj traffic fines on time. You can read this guide to Restore Suspended NJ License where we have discussed easiest ways for license renewal and restoration.

How To Pay Municipal Complaint (Time Payment Order) at NJMCDirect Portal?

Update: From May 4th, 2020, NJMCdirect is accepting payments on Municipal Complaint Time Payment Orders for Essex County Municipal Courts.

This will be further expanded to all municipal courts within the coming weeks to make the payment process simple and easy.

Latest Update: NJMC Direct Portal has started supporting payments on all municipal matters and complaints from 07/31/2020.

If you are about to pay your nj traffic ticket at NJMCDirect Official Website, there will be an additional 3% fee for the service. I guess this is a much better option rather than standing in long queues wasting valuable time.

Check out the detailed information about the additional charges for using the njmc portal for payment.

njmcdirect municipal compaint

  • Visit njmcdirect.com website with the help of any web browser such as Chrome or Safari.
  • Choose Municipal Complaint (Time Payment Order) as a first step if you are about to pay your nj municipal compliant bill.
  • Enter the details such as Court ID/Name, Prefix, Year, Number and choose “Additional Search Criteria” and hit “Search”.
  • The poral will now promote you to the payment page.
  • Choose any payment option from the available options such as Netbanking, UP or Credit/Debit Card.
  • Make payment securely towards the municipal complaint.
  • Once the payment is done, you are good to go. You can see the time payment order sample below.

municipal complaint time payment order

This way, you can pay your traffic bills and other fines such as parking before the due date. Otherwise, you may receive consequential orders from the court regarding late payments.

Plead Not Guilty To Traffic Violation In NJ

If you feel that you got a traffic ticket or parking ticket by mistake, you may plead not guilty. Pleading not guilty in courts will help decide whether you should pay or not.

The judge of nj court will conduct a trail in presence of state’s witness. Once judge verifies what happened exactly, he will declare whether you should be guilty or not. Check more details about pleading not guilty below.

How To Plead Not Guilty   

If you don’t pay traffic ticket payment or parking ticket payment within the due date, you are eligible for a surcharge.

What Is [NJSVS] NJ Surcharge Violation System?

Have you ever received nj surcharge ticket but don’t know why you got it?. Then you must read this section to know what’s the reason and how you can actually pay the surcharge.

Surcharge is different from the traffic ticket and penalty. Because you will be surcharged if you get more than 6 points in 3 years. Different types of violations may get you a surcharge ticket.

We have mentioned some of them in a list below, have a look at them.

  • Driving a seized vehicle
  • Failed to make payments to traffic tickets on time
  • Failed to make payments to parking tickets on time
  • Drunk & driving
  • Driving a vehicle with no insurance (or) expired insurance
  • Driving a vehicle with suspended license or no license at all

So, if you have been surcharged for any of the above reasons, you may go to the official njsvs portal to pay your surcharge ticket. Check out how to pay njsurcharge using your driver license number.

Guide To Pay NJSurcharge   

  • Surcharge Number
  • Judgement Number
  • Installment Payment Plan Number
  • Notice Number
  • Drivers License Number

You may use any of the details mentioned above along with your Date Of Birth to pay your surcharge ticket. Otherwise, you may plead not guilty to traffic violation and fight for it in New Jersey.

How To Search NJ Traffic Ticket & Municipal Complaint?

If you can’t find nj ticket, you may consider checking the simple video tour shared below to search for your nj traffic ticket or municipal time payment order.

Requirements to search for the parking ticket or time payment order:

  • The license plate number
  • Court ID/Name
  • Prefix
  • Year
  • Complaint Number
  • Last Name and Business Name
  • Defendant Zip Code

pay nj parking ticket

Unable to Locate Ticket on NJMCDirect? Check Out What You Can Do…

Parking tickets or traffic tickets will get delivered to the registered mailing address by default. Check the envelope for the traffic ticket number as a first step.

Visit www.njmcdirect.com website on your phone or pc. Opt-in for Traffic Ticket and enter the traffic ticket number to get the details.

If you still can’t find details related to your traffic ticket, it is recommended to contact NJMVC customer support. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will ask your vehicle number plate details.

Provide all necessary details to receive your traffic ticket number with complete details.

You may call NJMVC customer care in case if you lost your traffic ticket. Provide the last 4 digits of your social security number if they ask you at the time of validation.

Update: New MVC in NJ Opens Up After A Long Time

NJMCDirect Municipal Court Case Search Online [MCCS]

In order to perform municipal court case search, you need to have at least one of the following.

  • Traffic ticket number
  • Complaint number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Name [Fist & Last name]

Once you have at least of them with you currently, follow the steps below.

  • Open this page to land on njmc municipal court case search portal.
  • Hit “Search” option available on the home page of the portal.
  • Read the disclaimer completely and then hit “I Accept” button.

njmcdirect municipal court case search

  • You will see the portal page like above. Go to “Search By” option now.
  • Select one of the available options from the drop down menu.

njmcdirect can't find ticket

  • Let’s say, you have selected Complaint Number from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the Court ID, Prefix, Year and Complaint Number.
  • Solve the captcha by typing the letters that you see on screen.
  • Now, hit “Search” button to get the case details by the complaint number that you have entered.

Some of the confidential information may not be displayed to you on this portal. Due to the orders from NJ Court, information related to abuse, sealed cases, domestic violence cannot be displayed to you at any cost.

www.njmcdirect.com Not Working Error [Fixed]

Is the official website not loading on your device? let’s check out the facts and fixes.

  • The web address njmcdirect.com is not active from past few months.
  • Whenever, you open up the portal with that address, you will be redirected to some other ulr.
  • Smartphones or Pcs or browser that don’t support redirection will face the not working issue.
  • In such cases, you can directly visit the njmc direct portal from here.
  • Also, make sure that internet connection is stable on your device.

Sometimes, the official website may go down due to maintenance. Don’t worry, you can try opening the website in the working hours mentioned below.

NJ Traffic Ticket Convenience Fee Details

NJ Ticket Payment convenience is completely different from the service handling charges which is 3% of your billing amount. Convenience free is directly related with the bill amount and varies from low to high which you can check below.

convenience fee njmc direct

So, if your fine amount is $50 for example, you need to pay a convenience fee of $2 along with handling charges of 3% of your billing amount which is equals to $1.5.

At the end, you will be charged $50+$2+$1.5 = $53.5 from your card. This is purely an example of the fines and charges. It may vary in your case and you have to cross check the cumulative fine before making payments.

NJMC Payment Hours Of Online Portal

We all know the fact that most of the online payment systems and services available 24×7. But NJMCDirect Payment Hours are completely different comparted other government portals. Those timings are same for the entire year excluding public holidays.

It is recommended to know complete information before going to pay the traffic violation fines. Kindly, check out the dates and timings shared below.

Monday - Thursday4:30AM - 11:15PM (EST)
Friday4:30AM - 10:15PM (EST)
Saturday4:30AM - 3:15PM (EST)
Sunday1:00PM - 11:15PM (EST)

NJMC Customer Service Details | Help Desk

If you have any queries, you can directly contact NJMCDirect by using the contact details shared below.

  • Phone Number: (973) 284 4945
  • Telephone Number: 609-292-9580
  • Fax Number: (973) 284 4914
  • Office Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chestnut Street, New Jersey, United States of America.
  • NJMC Direct Hours Of Operation: Monday to Friday (8 AM to 4 PM).

Benefits Of Using NJMCDirect Portal

1. Time Saving: Manual method of nj traffic ticket payment method will consume a lot of your valuable time for collecting bill at court and standing in a long queue for nj ticket payment, etc.

2. User-Friendly: The official website njmcdirect.com is a well designed portal which loads super fast on mobile devices and laptops as well. There is nothing much understand, just open the portal page, fill out the details and start making payment, that’s it.

3. Updates: Every single update regarding the ticket payment is mentioned on the homepage itself. So that you don’t need to worry about anything such as working hours, support, Time payment order details, etc.

4. Secure: It’s a safe and secure online payment portal for traffic bill payment. You don’t need to worry about your personal details such as Name, Credit Card Information, etc. Since the site is operated by the government, all your personal information is completely safe.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Long Does It Take for Ticket To Show Up Online?

It takes 4 days to get your ticket updated to the nj online ticketing portal. You will be able to find out your ticket in the portal with Ticket Number, Court ID/Name, License Plate Number, etc.

2. What If You Can Not Find Your NJ Ticket On NJMCDirect Portal?

If you are not able to find out your parking ticket or traffic ticket even after waiting for more than 4 days, it is suggested to contact the customer support.

Provide the details such as your license plate number to get information about the status of the ticket.

3. What Happens If I Don’t Pay On Time at NJMCDirect?

There is no rule that you need to make payment online at njmc portal. You can pay the bill offline by attending the court but please make sure to pay the bill on time to avoid late payment fees and extra fines.

4. How To Check All Tickets To A Vehicle in NJMC Portal?

There is nothing like profile creation to manage the past data but yes, you will be given the list of previous ticket information upon logging in with your License Plate Number.

5. How To Use Amex on NJMCDirect?

After logging in, you can use the american express credit card to make payment, it’s as same as you use any other card for the payment.

6. How To Search For A Ticket on NJMC Online Portal?

If you don’t know your ticket number, you can search for nj ticket or municipal complaint information by going through this page.

7. Why Hasn’t My Ticket Showed Up On NJMCDirect?

It is because that your ticket is not yet updated to the nj online portal. In such cases, it is suggested to wait for 4 days from the time of the ticket generation and check back later.

8. How To Pay By Mail to NJ?

There is no such facility as of now. You will have to either pay ticket online at nj portal or you need to attend court for the manual payment.

If you have any unanswered questions, you can check out the complete NJ FAQ to get clear idea about all your doubts and questions.

9. How Much is a Seat Belt Ticket in NJ?

Failure to wear seat belt fee is around $46 without including surcharges, late fee, Convenience fee and Service handling charges.

You can check out all categories of fee (traffic fine points) at this resource.


NJMCDirect portal is the convenient way of paying traffic bills and fines to NJ Courts right from home or office. The portal serves you 3 major advantages such as, 1.View ticket information 2.Pay traffic tickets 3.Pay Time Payment Orders.

We have covered everything you may need to know before making payment to your nj traffic ticket at the portal. Along with that, we have answered most of the frequently asked questions above. We request you to post your questions and doubts below for the answers.

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