MLifeInsider Login – MGM Employee Benefits, Paystub & ESS

MLifeInsider is the employee portal of MGM Resorts, available online for logins. All current employees of the mgm resorts company can log into this portal. Upon successful login, mgm employees can view ess virtual roster, employee benefits, paystub and stuff like that.

In this article, we are going to share tips for MLifeInsider Login portal. It means that you are going to know about how to view mgm employee benefits and paystub. Also, you are going to understand how to make the most out of ESS Virtual Roster.

Everything You Should Know About MLifeInsider Portal

M Life Insider portal is only available for the current employees of MGM Resorts. It is not for retirees or former employees of the company.

On the other hand, this portal is not for the customers of the MGM Resorts. Only employee can use this portal for various purposes as follows.

  • MGM Employees can view their salary slips online.
  • Current employees of MGM Resorts can view dedicated offers and coupons shared exclusively for them.
  • View MGM Work Schedules aka MGM Virtual Rosters with a successful MGM Workday Login.
  • View M Life Insider Employee Benefits inside the login portal such as Medical, Dental benefits and Life insurance benefits.
  • Employees can apply for MGM Paid Time Off from inside the portal.
  • Apply for leaves online and employees can view information related to approvals and rejections by the company.

MLifeInsider employee portal is hosted and managed by Okta group. It is one of the finest employee portal management service being used by top most companies like MGM Resorts.

MLifeInsider Okta Portal Requirements

Since it is hosted on okta web portal, the login process is highly secure. Let’s check out the requirements of the portal in order to be able to log into it successfully.

  • You should be a currently working employee of MGM Resorts.
  • You shouldn’t be a retiree of MGM Resorts.
  • He or She must have enrolled for online portal access.
  • You should have Employee ID and Password for a successful login.
  • You need to have the access to the Email ID on file.
  • Portal web address is crucial in order to open it an log in.
  • Internet connection is a must since the entire process is online only.

If you qualify by the above requirements or conditions, you can easily log into m life insider employee portal.

MLifeInsider Login Steps for MGM Resorts Employees

The instructions are as follows,

  • Go to website from your mobile device or pc.
  • Otherwise, you can use this link to go to the login page directly from here.
  • You will see the m life insider portal page with login box as shown below.


  • Enter MGM Employee ID which is also known as MGM Employee Number.
  • Type the Password in the next field.
  • Hit “Sign In” button in order to log into employee portal.

The user id and password that you have entered will be validated by okta. Once they are validated, you will see the portal page the web browser.

Once you are inside the mlife insider portal, you will be able to go through the contents easily.

How To View Virtual Roaster MGM Scheduling Info?

It is quite easy to access MGM ESS directly from here,

  • Visit portal address using any web browser if you are on personal computer or laptop.
  • Make sure to go to page if you are currently browsing the portal from your mobile phone.
  • Don’t worry, both of them are same but with respect to contents.

mlifeinsider ess

  • Enter the username and type the password without any mistakes in it.
  • Hit “Sign In” button for logging into the portal.
  • Once you are logged in, the portal will take you to virtual roster mgm scheduling section.

There you can view complete information related to MGM Employee Self Service and Scheduling. The best part of this portal is, it is available in US English, AU English, Spanish (Espanol), tiếng Việt and Chinese language.

How To View MGM Resorts Employee Discounts and Additional Perks?

If you are current employee of MGM Resorts, you are eligible for 20% off on hotel room rates. Follow the below steps to view it and other benefits inside the portal.

  • Follow the tips shared above for mlifeinsider login.
  • Once you are logged into the portal, go to M Life Insider Rates section.
  • There , you will see complete information related to the offer and additional benefits including the employee benefits.
  • The mlife insider employees will get the benefits shared below.
    • Free of cost wardrobe
    • Free of cost breakfast
    • Gym access in the hotels is completely free
    • Great discounts on Gift Items on Shops inside the hotel
    • Lunch is completely free
    • Paid leaves and eligible for paid time off
    • Eligible for health care plans
    • Medical and dental plans are free
    • 401(k)
  • 20% flat discount on hotel room rates in various locations of MGM Resorts.

The offer is applicable in Aria, Bellagio, Vdara, MGM Grand, Delano, Las Vegas, Park MGM, Luxor and few more hotels. They have recently included MGM Macau and other places as well.

The biggest advantage being mgm employee is, you can share these discount coupons with your immediate family members.

But it is not allowed to share these coupon codes and discounts with anyone for personal benefits.

How To Restore Forgot MLifeInsider Password?

Follow the tips presented below for restoring the password.

  • Visit mlifeinsider employee login page from your phone or pc.

m life insider password reset

  • Scroll down till you see “Need help signing in?” option.
  • Hit that option to open up the password reset page.
  • That will now expand the window with few more options.

mlife insider login

  • Hit “Forgot Password?” option to get the options to reset the password of the mgm employee portal.

mgm employee portal reset

  • Enter the m life employee id in the box and choose the password reset option.
  • Hit “Reset via SMS” option to receive the password reset link to your phone number.
  • Hit “Reset via Email” option to receive m life insider password reset instructions on registered email id.
  • Follow the instructions in the password reset link to choose the new password for the portal.

Once the password reset is successful, you can try logging in with the new password now.

How To Unlock MGM Resorts Employee Account?

  • Visit MLifeInsider Employee Portal on your mobile phone or pc using any browser.
  • Scroll down and hit “Need Help Signing In?” option and then choose “Locked Account?” option.

unlock mlifeinsider employee account

  • Now, you will something like what you can see in the image below.

unlock m life insider login account

  • Enter MGM Employee ID in the user id box and choose anything between “Send SMS” and “Send Email” options.
  • Follow the instructions that you have received via sms or through email.

That will help you unlock mgm employee account. Once the account becomes active, you can log into the portal.

Also Check:

MLifeInsider Contact Numbers – Help Desk

Find the help desk support details below and contact them if you need help.

  • Toll Free Phone Number – 1-855-286-0151

The above phone number is of Okla help desk. You can contact them regarding mgm employee login problems, password reset, unlocking account, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to provide mlifeinsider feedback?

Currently, the customer feedback portal by mgm resorts is not available. But you can share your feedback related to employee portal in the comments below.

2. I don’t have an employee ID since I am newly joined employee. How can I access the employee portal?

New employees will be provided an employee id immediately after joining the company. If you still didn’t get it, you can contact MGM Human Resources department.

3. Can I use My MLife Login portal from my home location?

Yes, you can access mymlife employee login portal from any location. But make sure that you are not violating any rules set by the company.


Logging into Okta MLifeInsider Portal, employees of MGM Resorts can go through their monthly paychecks and a lot of other information. Read this guide for complete information about the MGM Employee benefits, employee discounts and additional perks. Comment below for any kind of help from our blog admins.

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