MyFordBenefits Portal – Employees, Retirees Login Guide [2021]

MyFordBenefits Portal can only be accessed by it’s employees, retirees and hourly affiliated employees. Not everyone is allowed to use the login portal as the login process requires username and password of the employees.

In this article, we are going to share everything related to the login process for employees, retirees, hourly affiliates, non-salaried employees and supplies.

We will also help you recover the forgot username and password of the portal. Stick to this article to gain some knowledge regarding AXZ Plan, Paystub and MyFordPay.

What Is MyFordBenefits?

MyFordBenefits is the official web portal started by the Ford Motor Company in the year 2009. Current employees and retirees can log into the portal to view some essential information.

Ford employees can login to the portal at with their username and password. All the ford employees (including retirees) can easily go through information like their job title, and assigned tasks.

If you are an employee at ford motor company, you can log into my ford benefits portal. You can view the details about life insurance coverage, get to know about the vacations, training periods.

You can view the time table for your job title especially if you are an hourly employee. Covisint migrated users can also login to the portal to view information related to the assigned clients. Portal Requirements

Access to the official web portal of ford have some requirements. Let’s check them now and make sure that you are ready with all of them.

  • Ford Benefits User ID
  • Ford Benefits Password
  • SSN [Social Security Number]
  • Your Date Of Birth as on the file
  • Email ID [Required]
  • A PC or a Smartphone for performing the online login process
  • An Active Internet Connection
  • Google Chrome or Safari Web Browser for smoother browsing experience.

Those are the basic requirements that you must have in order to be able to go through myfordbenefits login process.

MyFordBenefits Login – Current Employees


  • Enter the Ford Benefits User ID if the first field.
  • Enter the Ford Benefits Password in the second field.
  • Hit “Log On” button now.

Once you authenticate the login process with proper details, you will be able log into the portal page. If you are unable to log into the portal, reset the password and try again.

How To Reset Forgot Username Or Password Under 2 Minutes?

  • Go to url using chrome or safari web browser on your device.
  • Tap “Forgot User ID or Password?” option and please wait while the page is loading.

reset myfordbenefits forgot password

  • Now you can access the website without login credentials but you need to provide the details of your SSN and DOB.

my ford benefits portal

  • Enter the last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number in the first field.
  • Choose the Date Of Birth that should match with the DOB on file.
  • Hit “Continue” button to begin the password reset process.

If you have provided the correct details, you will receive a password reset link to the email id on file. Open your email and click on that link and then follow the on-screen instructions to reset the username or password.

MyFordBenefits Login – Retirees [Former Employees]

Following are the instructions for myfordbenefits retiree login. Keep SSN and DOB ready in hand before trying to log into the portal.

  • Visit on your computer or a smartphone.
  • Type in my ford benefits retiree login username and password.
  • Click “Log On” button to log into the ford retiree portal.
  • Now you can go through all the information such as ford retiree benefits.
  • You can directly claim all the eligible retiree plans right from the panel itself.
  • On the home page, go to the option “Make your annual enrollment choices”.
  • A welcome page will be opened up now.
  • Select the “Research and Enroll” option from the welcome page.
  • A Ford Retiree Benefits Summary page will now show all the available benefits.
  • You can compare the benefits with each other and change the benefits based on your interests and choices.
  • Hit “Confirm Choices” once you are ready and sure about your selection.
  • A confirmation page will be shown with opted choices. Don’t forget to take a print out of that page for reference.

This is the process of myfordbenefits login retirees and enrolling the benefits from the official portal.

You will shortly receive email from about the benefits you have enrolled. The email address should be available in your company profile to be able to receive confirmation mail.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Enroll Ford Retiree Benefits?

It is not a mandatory thing and there are no restrictions on your choices as well. Every employee will have the same options and retiree benefits but they have the freedom to pick whatever they want.

All the applicable benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision, Group Legal Plans will be wasted if you don’t enroll them. But you will again get a chance to enroll them next year.

Voluntary Benefits will have your current coverage level and you don’t need to worry about it much.

Important Note: You must understand the fact that you need to make your choices within 30 days of your retirement date. Otherwise, you will have no chance of receiving those ford retiree benefits.

Official Source for Ford Retiree Benefits –

Connect New User To MyFordBenefits Portal – Registration

If you are new to the portal and not yet registered with your ford employee benefits, follow the steps. Let’s see how to create a new account at website and connect your profile to the benefits portal.

  • Visit My Ford Benefits Login Portal by clicking this link.
  • Hit the option “New User?” as highlighted in the image below.

ford employee login portal

  • Ford employee portal will ask you some details in order to take you to the new user account creation.
  • As part of the process, you will have to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Choose the correct date of birth from the drop down fields and click continue.
  • Now you will see a screen where you will be asked to Enter Your Password.
  • Type in any temporary password which you can change later. Be sure to remember the password to stay away from login related issues.
  • Now, you will see some instructions on the screen. By following which, you can create your ford benefits user id and PIN.
  • Save all of them for safety as you may forget them anytime.
  • Pick some security questions and provide answers to them.
  • It will be easy for you to recover password if you lost it in future.
  • To confirm that you are a human, you will be asked to solve the captcha.
  • Once you are done, you will be contacted via Email from the official portal.

Open up your email and tap the conformation link and log into the portal. We have shared how to login to the portal and how to enroll for benefits.

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What Is MyFordBenefits AXZ Plan?

Ford AXZ plan is a great opportunity for employees and retirees for ford vehicle purchase with discounts. All the employees and retirees can apply for Ford AXZ Plans from the official web portal. They will be allocated with 4 unique PINs per year.

Employees can use those PINs or give them to their family members to purchase ford vehicles with great discounts.

Ford AXZ Plan Login – Employees & Retirees

  • Visit website on any of your devices. You may visit this website from your home or from the ford office.
  • You will see something like what we have shown you in below image.

ford axz plan login

  • Hit “Login” button now.
  • Now you will be taken to the myplan login page.

ford myplan login

  • Enter the username and password in the first and second fields.
  • Hit Sign In button to log into ford myplan portal.

Reset AXZ Plan Password at MyPlan Portal

  • In the above image, you can see the “Forgot Password?” option below sign in button.
  • Click that option to start the password reset process.

reset myplan password

  • Enter your username or type in your email id on file.
  • Hit “Request Email” button to receive the link to reset password.
  • Open your email account and click on the password rest link and follow the on-screen instructions to set the password.

Create Ford MyPlan Account – New Users

  • You must have an account in order to access the ford myplan portal for discounted vehicle purchases.
  • Visit the url by using any web browser.
  • Hit that small Log In button to go the login page.

create ford myplan account

  • Hit Create an Account option as shown in the image above.

my ford benefits axz myplan

  • Enter your email address and hit “Request Email” button.
  • Now, you will receive the account creation confirmation email from myplan employee portal.
  • Click that link and verify your mail and in the second step or enter the code that you have received on your email id.
  • Create Password now.

That’s it! you have successfully created an account at ford myplan portal. Now you can log into the portal to see the PINs allocated to your employee account.

How To Get Ford PayStub Online in 2021?

Ford is a number 1 company when it comes to treating it’s employees and retirees. They have developed an online portal from where all the ford employees can get information such as Employee Benefits, Paystub/w2, AXZ Plan, Work schedules, etc.

Let’s see how to get ford employee paystub online for all your tax filing requirements. Accessing ford paystub, w2 from the online portal is little confusing.

Don’t worry! we have provided you the simple steps by following which, you can easily get your ford w2 forms and paystub information.

  • Visit the following url on your pc or mobile.
  • Or, open this link to land on the official ford intranet portal.
  • On the home page, go to “Inside Ford” menu.

ford paystub online

  • Navigate to U.S. Employees section from the drop down menu.
  • Now you will see multiple options as shown in the image below.

ford employee paystub

  • Tap “Hourly Employee Sites” option from the list.

ford w2 online

  • Choose the first option as shown in the image above; U.S.Employees: Your Pay.

ford hourly employee paystub

  • Hit the first option “Your Paystub / W-2” under Hourly employees Your Pay section.
  • Now you will be taken to the secure web login.

secure web login ford pay stub

  • Choose the option that belongs to you.

secure myfordbenefits login for paystub

  • Enter the User ID, Password and hit “Login” button to log into the ford paystub portal.

Though it looks little complicated, you can always follow the instructions that we have shared above. Bookmark this page for future reference.

MyFordPay – How To Pay My Ford Pay Finance Online?

MyFordPay is the portal for all your ford financial services related stuff. All the customers who bought ford vehicles including ford employees and retirees can use this service to pay the credit bills online.

Let’s see the steps for myfordpay login works on web and mobile as well. Ford Credit allows payments in multiple methods as follows.

How To Pay My Ford Credit Bill Online?

  • Visit url on your pc or phone by using the web browser.
  • You will be taken to the ford account manager.


  • Enter the username or email address in the first field.
  • Enter the Password or recover it if you don’t remember the password. You can hit “Forgot Password?” option and follow the on-screen instructions to recover the password successfully.
  • Hit “Login” button to be able to go to myfordpay portal dashboard to make online payments.
  • If you don’t have an account, click “Register Here” option indicated using arrow mark in the above image.
  • Provide all necessary details such as your Account Number, SSN and confirm your email id and verify the profile.
  • You can find the account number on your billing statement.
  • Now you can use the email id as username and enter password to login to the pay my ford credit portal online.

How To Pay My Ford Credit Bill via Phone [Mobile Payments]?

  • Visit url on your mobile phone.
  • Ford Credit Account manager login page will open up.
  • Enter the login details and log into the portal.
  • Choose Single Payments or Automatic Payments from your checking or Savings account.

How To Pay A PayMyFord Bill Via Telephone Payments?

This is the most convenient and secure payment method among all the available methods.

  • Make a call to 1-800-344-1161 toll free number from the registered phone number.
  • Enter the account number; you can find it on billing statement.
  • Type in the last 4 digits of the SSN number or TIN number if prompted.
  • Enter your bank account number and the routing number of your bank.

paymyford credit via phone

  • You can see the sample check to get the account number and bank’s routing number.

If you are a ford employee, you can make use of the Payroll Deduction method. All the credit related payments will be directly deducted from your payroll without any kind or additional reminders.

You have other payment options such as MoneyGram, Western Union, Mail Payments in addition to the above mentioned methods.

Go to this page to know more about those payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Ford CDSID?

It is nothing but the username that you can to log into portal. CDSID is commonly popular among first time users of the ford motor company.

2. Do Ford Retirees Have Life Insurance?

All hourly retirees will have the life insurance but it is a paid service. Certain amount should be paid from the retiree to avail this feature and it is valid until the age 65.

3. How Can I Check My Ford PayStub?

You can get complete information about your paystub and print out w2 form online at my ford benefits portal. We have written down the steps that you can check in order to be able to see your paystub.

4. What Benefits Do Ford Employees Get?

Vacation and family care policies are the best benefits along side paid holidays for all ford employees. Moreover, you will get health benefits, retirement saving benefits, vehicle plans with discounts.


MyFordBenefits Portal is an all in one web portal for ford employees, retirees, hourly workers and affiliates. You can log into the portal to manage paystub/w2, retiree benefits, myford pay credit payment information, etc. We have written this article with pure love on FORD. In fact, I am use Ford Mustang which made me explore more details about this portal.

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