NJSurcharge – How To Pay NJ Surcharge Payment Online

NJSurcharge is a fine assessed by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System commonly known as (NJSVS). The surcharge is an annual basis fine for drivers with excessive points for traffic violation.

In simple words, you will be surcharged for violating traffic system more often. For that you will get a surcharge ticket from the law enforcer when driving license has over 6 points in 3 years.

So, you must pay the surcharges before the due date and time mentioned in the envelop that you have got on your mailing address.

In this article, we have shared complete information about nj surcharge system, type of fines, consequences of non payment on time and a lot more useful information. So, kindly stick to this article for quite sometime to avoid extra fines and penalties.

Pro Tip: Please don’t drive the vehicle if you have been surcharged until and unless you have cleared the payments on time. Otherwise, you will be charged more and more fines and penalties.

Why Am I Being Surcharged?

Each person in the New Jersey will have a driving record and it is reviewed whenever points or other serious offenses are added to your driving records.

Reasons for Surcharge are as mentioned below,

  1. Unlicensed Driver
  2. Driver with expired License.
  3. Driving with Suspended License ( check out How To Restore Suspended Driving License. )
  4. Expired Insurance for Moped.
  5. Vehicle Insurance Expired.
  6. DWI.
  7. Refusing to take alcoholic test.

Those are the major reasons for you being surcharged. Don’t worry, you can make nj surcharge payment by following the guidelines shared in this article. But before that, it would be much better if you can understand how much money you will have to pay to court for being surcharged, check details below.

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NJSVS Surcharges & Fines Details

If you have 6 points or more than 6 points within the 3 years from your last posted violation, you will be surcharged for $150 and each extra point over 6 points will be $25 additionally.

You can check out the additional annual surcharges shared below.

NJ Surcharge TypePer YearFor 3 Years
Unlicensed Driver$100$300
Driver with Expired License$100$300
Driving With Suspended License$250$750
Failure to Insure a Moped$100$300
Driving Uninsured License$250$750
First and Second DWI$1000$3000
3rd DWI$1500$4500
Refusing to Take Alcoholic Test$1000$3000

NJSurcharge Penalties If Not Paid On Time

If you ignore the surcharge payment reminders and end up not paying on time, your driving license will be suspended.

One thing you have to note here that, you must not continue to drive if you have recently received a suspension order. If you do so, you are eligible for additional penalties worth $250 per year and $750 for 3 years.

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If you have received the nj surcharge payment order but not paid thinking that you are not driving the vehicle, your driving license will be suspended and the debt will be filed against you in Superior Court for the amount mentioned in the notice.

This is going to be a serious issue since the government puts restrictions on your property which must not be transferred or sold to anybody else until you clear the dues. At some point, they will grab the rights on your property and converts them to funds to pay in the court on behalf of you.

So, it’s always recommended to make nj surcharge payments online as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you are new to this, we have shared different ways to pay nj motor vehicle surcharge.

If you Plead Not Guilty to NJ Traffic Violation, you may fight for the ticket and either win or negotiate the fine amount.

How To Pay NJSurcharge Bills at www.njsurcharge.com

There are multiple ways that you can choose to make New Jersey Surcharge payments on time and avoid extra fines and issues followed up.

1. Pay with Debit/Credit Card or E-Check Online

Just follow the step by step instructions to make payment online through your debit card or credit card or e-checks.

1. Go to www.njsurcharge.com official website on your desktop or mobile device using any web browser.


2. Choose the comfortable option from Drivers License Number, Surcharge Number, Judgement Number, Installment Payment Plan Number, Notice Number, etc.

3. You have to enter the chosen field’s number (Ex: Enter driving license number in the box if you have chosen the option “Driving License Number”.

4. Choose the Date Of Birth from the drop down menu.

5. Finally, tap “Submit” to go to the next screen where you can choose the payment options.

On the next screen, you can choose your debit card or credit card or e-check to finish the payments.

2. Pay with Debit/Credit Card via Telephone

Now you can also make payments to your New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Surcharges via telephone.

NJ Surcharge Phone Number – (844) 424-6829

The new jersey surcharge phone number shared above is a toll free number which won’t cost you any money. You can make a call to that telephone number and provide the details such as your name, driving license number, judgement number, notice number or nj surcharge number, etc.

You will have to share your debit or credit card details along with the njsurcharge number to start the payment.

3. Pay with Cash

By visiting the Western Union location in New Jersey or any other location, you can make cash payments to your surcharges.

4. Money Order & Physical Check

You can send a physical check or make money order to the address shared below.

P.O. Box 1502
Moorestown, NJ 08057-9704

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Is NJSurcharge.com Down?

The website is not not live from past few months which is getting redirected to sub page of the state.nj.us website. Where you can make payments to your nj mvc and get all required details you are looking for.

In simple words: The website is down and it’s not working currently but the website is sending people to a working page where you can actually make payments and much more.

Useful Links & Resources

https://www1.state.nj.us/TYTR_NJAISC_Web/index.jsp (NJSurcharge Login Portal)

https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/license/surcharge.htm (Full Details about Motor Vehicle Commission)

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