How Many Times I Should Pay Restoration Fee When License Is Suspended?

You may get this doubt “how many times i should pay restoration fee when license is suspended in new jersey?” because it’s important to know. In this article, we have shared complete information regarding this and you will also be able to clear your other doubts regarding the restoration fee and getting back your suspended license.

Once nj license is suspended for any reason, it won’t get activated automatically. You need to go through certain stages before getting back your suspended license.

Driver Must Pay NJ Driver’s Restoration Fee.

Types Of Restoration Fee & Other Useful Information

The fee would be a lumpsum of $100 which should be credited to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission which was also know as the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles (NJDMV).

restore nj driving license

If you are a driver whose license is suspended, you don’t need to wait for any special orders. You can directly pay the restoration fee and expect the restoration within next minutes.

One more important thing is, there is no advantage that you are going to get even if you make an advance payment or you hurry up for the license restoration, everything can be done in normal pace.

Another important point that you must note, if your driving license is suspended for specified reason and for certain period of time, you need to wait till that time and there is no advantage if you pay it early. You may check out the guide to Restore NJ Driver License.

Invalid Insurance Fee

Moreover, if your driving license is suspended due to invalid vehicle’s insurance, you need to provide valid vehicle insurance documents to the authorities of NJMVC for your license to get restored.

On the other hand, if your driving license is suspended due to any other obligations put by the NJ Court, you need to satisfy those obligations first and it’s a must.

Drunk & Drive Fee

In case if your driving license is suspended due to drunk & drive case, you need to make fee payment of quoted fine besides the actual license restoration fee. So, you may also satisfy various other requirements put by IDRC program to get back your license without any issues.

Even after satisfying all those requirements, there is no guarantee that you will get back your license from NJMVC for various reasons and you also need to go through the remedial driver education program.

Important Note: If you don’t make payment on time, you may be liable for additional charges and fines from NJDMV. You can check out the complete information and other details about NJ Surcharge.

Wrapping Up

There are no special or extra fines only if applicable. But you need to note that there are incidents where you need to pay fines for driving vehicle without valid licence and without a valid vehicle insurance. Apart from that, there are no additional charges if you make payment on time. The NJMCDirect Portal will help you pay all your fines and license restoration stuff.

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